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A Brand New House

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A Brand New House    SCRIPTURE: "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God Dwelleth in you?If any man defile the temple of God,him shall God destory:for the temple of God is holy,which temple ye are. 1Cor 3:16-17 For we know that if our earthly house of this Tabernacle  were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens 1Cor.5:1 This House is the Temple of God Our message today considers the connotations of three words: A Temple, A House, and a Home. These three words are use frequently in the New Testament, usually in connection with a discussion of our relationship with God.In first Corinthians 3 we find the use of the term temple. A temple is a holy place, consecrated for the service and worship of a power greater than ourselves.In the first verse we are reminded that the temple of God is our bodies. The place where a man expects to meet God first is within the narrow confines of his consciousness. The place where he should expect to commune with God is within the hallowed sanctuary of his heart. Our text therefore specifies that God's primary house is within us.The spirit of God dwells in his house, and if you want an encounter with God, you have to meet him at his house. If you want to show gratitude for what God has done, it begins with the attitude of your heart. You can't meet God in a public demonstration unless you've first had a talk with him in a private situation.But God's spirit will not dwell in an unclean temple. If I want to make my heart the temple of the Holy Ghost, I must clean up my act.I heard the psalmist say, "Create in me oh Lord a clean heart". .."Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, oh Lord, my strength and my redeemer." I heard the song writer say, "I'm not asking for the riches of the land ,I'm not asking for high men to know my name ...but give me Lord a clean heart...a clean heart, that I may follow thee."  A lot of things can be accomplished if we talk to God in his house.Prayers can be answered, problems can be solved, inspiration can de found, if we talk to God, in his house.  I hear the hymnologist saying "Have a little talk with Jesus, ..just a little talk with Jesus makes it right!" -II-Move from Satan's House to God's House The second phrase has both a connotative meaning and a denotative meaning. The denotation is the precise meaning or the real meaning of the word.This word House has a variety of biblical connotations."House" is sometimes referred to as the sum total of all who make up the extended family or descendants in a family line. We often read of references to the "House of David" or the "House of Israel" or the "House of Abraham."In Luke 6:48 Jesus uses the word "house" to describe persons who fail to faith after hear his word and do it are like a man who builds his house on a rock upon a rock.But in Luke 11:17 Jesus uses the word "House" to describe the composite of parts that go to make up a whole. He concluded by noting that a house divided against itself cannot stand.In Matthew 21:13 Jesus used the word House again but this time as a connotation of the public dwelling place of God among men. I hear Jesus say, "My" house shall be called a house of prayer but you have turned it into a den of thieves."  Our text verse indicates that if your heart is the dwelling place of the most high then your heart becomes the temple of Holy Ghost. But if your heart is unclean then it becomes the devil's Boarding House.In the devil's house everything therein is dedicated to his service. In the devil's house:-there is a chair in which his boarders sit down on responsibility.-there is a telephone which his boarders use to communicate gossip and malicious information.-there are special drinking glasses from which his boarders drink beverages spiked with his inebriating brew.-there is also a bible which his boarders use for good luck and show but rarely use for prayer and study.If your heart is not the temple of the Holy Ghost then your heart is the devil's boarding house.We invite you to move out of the old house and move into the new house.We invite you to move out of the old life and move into the new life.We invite you to let the spirit of God bathe you with a shower of power that comes down from heaven on high. I heard the song writer say, "come and go with me, to my father's house. Peace and happiness there, in my father's house. No more crying there, in my father's my father's house is joy, joy, joy." -III-God's House leads to a happy home Finally, brothers and sisters, our last text indicates that the spirit of God can make our lives walking temples of the Holy Ghost, but it reminds us that this earthly house is not our home.Our text reaffirms that every child of God can expect to receive a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. This heavenly house, created by divine inspiration, decorated according to divine tastes, is furnished with purchase order from the Holy Ghost. This house will be our home.It means that if you have moved out of the old house and moved into God's house. If you have put off the old man, and put on the new man. It means if you turn away from the old way and pick up the cross of Christ...that God is preparing for you another building not made with hands. I heard Jesus say, "I go to prepare a place for you that where I am ye may be...In my father's house are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you."I'm so glad there's going to be another building.  Every now and then, there is a pain in one side or a hurt in the other, giving meaning to the song writer's words..."there is a leak in this old building and my soul is passing through..." I need a building not made with hands. Every child of God looks forward, with great expectations for that great day.  Some have called it a day of tribulation, judgment day, the day of the second advent, the day of the rapture, but every child of God calls it moving day.  On moving day every saint will get in a hurry to meet the Lord in the air.  I heard the poet say, "I don't need this house no longer, I'm getting ready to meet the saints...ain't got time to board the windows ain't got time to lock the doors...I'm getting ready to meet the saints".I moved out of my old house, I moved into my new house but one of these old days I hope to get a notice to come up to my new home at number 1 Heaven Avenue, at the corner of Salvation and Redemption Blvd...come on up a little higher.Every child of God ought to say in his heart, I'm on my way. I'm going to keep sending up my timbers until I make heaven my home!

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