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            A partnership is like rubbing two sticks together.  One stick won’t start a fire.

            A good partnership is based on the truth that good minds don’t think alike.  They think differently.

            Partnership is more productive than either membership or followership.

            In a good partnership, “No one’s ever done it that way” doesn’t end a discussion; it starts it.

            A good partner is the other partner’s biggest supporter and severest critic.

            A partnership succeeds when no partner is willing to be outdone by another partner.

            Partners don’t just share credit; they increase the amount of credit to be shared.

            A good partner doesn’t just make the other partner look better.  A good partner makes the other partner be better.

            In a good partnership, all partners look to the future – but not in exactly the same places.

The Wall Street Journal, Advertising Supplement, Monday, July 7, 1997

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