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Gods Love Verses My Love

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God's Love Versus My Self Love          (1 Corinthians 13)

"There are just two choices on the shelf - loving God or loving self'

God's love is: Sacrificing yourself God and others

God's love is: "Saying "NO" "YES" to God and others."

Love is a command of God addressed to your will. Since He commands you to love, He will give you the ability to love.


God's Love                                       vs.                                  Self Love

1. "sufJereth long" (vs. 4) - waits for God's way 1. "It must be my way. It must be my timing, and
and God's timing; long-fused; has the ability to wait that means NOW!"; won't wait for God to work;
and not lose patience; gives people back to God and snaps at people
waits on Him.  
2. "is kind" (vs. 4) - wants to be active and useful 2. Nasty, and hurtful in words and deeds; does what
in the lives of others doing the unexpected, seems best for "me" instead of others; selfish; "me
undeserved, and umewarded; considers "others" first" (Phil. 2:21)
more important; will not rest when needs go unmet;  
THE SERVANT (Phil. 2:3-)  
3. "envieth nof' (vs. 4) - doesn't "boil, seethe, 3. Envious - "to boil, to seethe"; laughs when
stew": isn't jealous when good things happen to others weep; weeps when others laugh; resents and
others; doesn't compare self with others wants what others have; not only wants what others
  have, but also wishes others didn't have it
4. "vaunteth not itself. is not vuffed uv" (vs. 4) - it 4. Proud - "a wind bag"; praises self; will become
remains small; doesn't "parade back and forth to anything so others will notice; brags; attempts to
gain applause"; not proud; points to God, not self; impress others; tries to appear to be what they are
doesn't brag or boast; doesn't inflate itself not; never admitting wrong
5. "doth not behave itse/funseemlv" (vs. 5) doesn't 5. Does what it wants to do when it wants to do it;
present God in an ugly, mishappended way; behaves rude, crude, and boorish; prudish; draws attention to
like a lady or gentleman; proper; courteous; does the self; loud, silly, moody, harsh, poor manners, gross
right thing at the right time outs, words, timing, fashion (fads), appearance
  (flashy or dowdy); "I can't help it... that's just the
  way I am!"
6. "seeketh not her own" (vs. 5) - doesn't demand 6. SELFISH! - is a miser; a "Scrooge"; counts
its own RIGHTS; is not selfish; is a servant; things to keep or get; seeks to please "me"; "I
GIVES! Not counting on "my" rights, "my" time, demand my rights." "I am right!" "I want my way"
"my" money, "my" comforst, "my" things (Romans "What I want is more important than what you
12:10; Phil. 2:30) ASKS QUESTIONS - "Where want!" MAKES DEMANDS - "How can I use you
can I fit in and be a part of your life? in my life?"

| 7. "is not easily provoked:" (vs. 5) - doesn't blow | 7. EXPLODES! - an earthquake in the spirit; |

up and punish people; doesn't get angry for selfish reacts to anger instead of acting in kindness;
causes (Hebrews 10:24) retaliates; sudden outbursts; angry for selfish
  reasons; "you can't do that to me and get away with
8. "thinketh no evif' (vs. 5) - doesn't keep score; 8. Uses indelible ink when others do wrong; enters
"does not reason out evil"; not jealous; does not wrongs into a ledger so they can't be forgotten;
keep permanent record of others' wrongs for the jealous; thinks evil; won't forgive and go on; reads
purpose of bringing them back up; believes the best others' motives; "I haven't forgotten what you did
about a person; gives the benefit of doubt; forgives to me!" "1 know what kind of person helshe is." "I
  know what he meant when he said/did that!"
9. "reioiceth not in iniquity", but rejoiceth in the 9. Rejoices in iniquity - entertains sin; escorts it
truth" (vs. 6) -loves what God loves and hates what right into the life; gets a thrill out of sin - my own
God hates; "To joy together with the truth"; gets or someone else's; "It's my life, I'll do it if! want
great joy in loving and obeying God; "If God loves to. I'm strong enough to handle it."; gets a thrill out
it, I' 11 love it. If God hates it, I'll hate if' of doing what God doesn't approve of; doesn't get
  joy out of reading and obeying the Bible.
10. "bearth all things" (vs. 7) - covers others' 10. Uncovers and exposes others' sin; bares sins,
weaknesses; covers, supports, protects; covers doesn't bear sin; "I don't mean to gossip, but...";
anything it can righteously cover; "love bears, not "Did you hear about ? She did a terrible
bares" thing! Don't tell anyone, but it's a fact that
II. "believeth all things" (vs. 7) - believes the best 11. Want to judge, condemns; plays up the doubts;
about God and others; to "suffer oneselfto be believes the worst about others; cynical, suspicious
persuaded"; puts the best interpretation on events;    
believes in the best outcome; doesn't look to    
condemn; looks to save, not to judge    
12. "hoDeth all things" ( vs. 7) - doesn't give up; 12. Acts hopeless; talk hopeless; feels hopeless;
anticipates a good outcome when God's Truth wins gives up; quits praying; doesn't trust God or follow
out; as long as God's grace operates, failure is never His way; "It's hopeless." Why try? Things will
final; hopes in every situation, against all evidence; never change!" "I could never be that way!"
confronts people with the Truth hoping for the    
outcome God wants    
13. "endureth all things" (vs. 7) - stays put when it 13. QUITS! "I've tried, but that was the straw that
feels like "quitting"; to abide under courageously; broke the camel's back." "I can't handle it
staying put when you feel like running anymore!" "I can't do it! It doesn't work!"
14. "LOVE NEVER FAILETH!!!" (vs 8) - it always 14. SelfloveALWAYSFAILS! (Gal. 6:7-8)-
accomplishes God's work on earth and in Heaven. "...he that soweth to the flesh shall of the flesh reap
It is SUPERNATURAL in its beginnings and corruption."  
SUPERNATURAL in its results.    
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