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Thank God for Truth!

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The big question each of us has to answer is still the question Pilate asked Jesus, What is truth? But thank God, we are not where Pilate was. A servant of the state, he had no standard but his own conscience. We would have no more, except God has given us His written Word. That Word is our ONE and ONLY source of truth. Reject it, and we have nothing. See the current culture, with thousands building their lives on a lie--a lie that says "my truth" is as good as yours; a lie that says all values are relative; a lie that says, "Enjoy the present!" Is there a better way? Thank God, there is. A lie can give you happiness if you believe it, and a few moments of peace, but a lie can't give real hope. A lie can get you smiles, and popularity, and money, but it can't give the REAL values: it can't give you life, it can't save from death. Listen as we explore the one and ONLY basis for truth, truth that comes only from GOD through His Word.

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