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            A group of barbers at their annual convention decided to exhibit the value of their tonsorial art.  They found a derelict on skid row, gave him a haircut, shave, and a bath; and they dressed him in new clothes of the finest tailoring.  They had demonstrated to their satisfaction the worth of tonsorial excellence, but three days later the man was in the gutter again.  He had been outwardly transformed into a respectable-looking man, but the impulses and drives of his inner being had not been changed.  He had been powdered and perfumed, but not changed.

            You can scrub a pig, sprinkle Chanel No. 5 on him, put a ribbon around his neck, and take him into your living room.  But when you turn him loose, he will jump into the first mud puddle he sees because his nature has never been changed.  He is still a pig.

World Aflame, Billy Graham, page 123

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