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Opening: Many of us desire the faith that moves mounrtains from our lives, but we are not sure how such faith comes to pass. We have all been given a measure of faith ( Romans 12:3 ) as evidenced by the fact that we believe in the virgin birth, the resurection and the inspiration of the Bible. If we can believe these we already have faith.

Transition: Faith that moves mountains involves 3 key components that Jesus taught us. In order to have mountain or ( problem ) moving faith we must:

1. Bear Fruit and not Just leaves: ( Vs. 20-21 ) In verses 12-14 when Jesus cursed the fig tree He did so because it had the promise of fruit being leaves but no fruit itself. Some Christians look like this too all fluff and no fruit! It is interesting that Jesus links bearing fruit with moving mountains. Many times we want God to do a work through us before He does a work in us. Bearing fruit as found in Galatians 5:16-25 is the key. Gods will is for us to bear not just some fruit but much fruit. ( John 15. )

2. Bear Faith in/of God Vs. 22-23 In this passage Jesus says to have faith in God. Some translations such as the RSV say "have the faith of God" Jesus demonstrated faith in speaking to the fig tree about its future before it came to pass. ( Romans 4:17 ) God is also shown to have faith in the KJV in such places as Gal 2:16, Col. 2:11-12, Rom. 3:3, 22-23 Each of these speak of "faith of God". We can demonstrate God kind of faith by:

A.Speaking to the situation. ( as Jesus did to the fig tree )

B. Specify what you want- Be specific

C. Spread not doubt to your heart. Jesus said here not to doubt in our hearts. Doubt may cross our head but we must never allowe it to enter our hearts and stop us from believing God or acting on His promises. For instance I may have doubts in my mind about a char that looks unstable to support my weight but if I place myself on it anyway then I have still acted in faith even though my thinking was that I should not trust the chair that appeared untrustworthy. This is the reason why belief in Christ is a heart not a head issue. ( Romans 10:9-10 )

3. Bear not a grudge. vs. 24-26 The words and in verse 24 link it to the previous verses on moving the mountain. Jesus insists that forgiving others is essential to moving them! Many never consider this but we must forgive others before God will use us to move anything with our faith. Remember He wants to work first in us and then through us. Our faith is not just between us and God it is a matter of us plus God plus others.

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