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From Resurrection to Judgment

Your Kingdom Come!  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  59:18
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As we follow what Scripture tells about the Planet Earth project, we feel a growing urgency. It is as if someone is pushing the accelerator pedal. So much must be done and quickly, because only one day remains, one thousand-year day. That day must see the completion of two groups for the Kingdom, first the rulers, then the populace. Phase One, the first 6000 years, has been given to developing the rulers. As most of them have died, they must be resurrected to be judged and approved. This will merge quickly into Phase Two, as the way is opened for the millions and billions who will fill the earth with the glory of God. Stay with us as we look closely at this very real plan the Bible lays out for Christ’s kings and priests to take on their new role of service that will climax in filling the earth with billions who are happy, prosperous, aspiring, and God-honoring.

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