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Pictures of an Unashamed Christian

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LS: As faithful Christians Paul tells us that our job is to always preach and teach these things not our things.

1. The Unashamed Workman (2:14-19)

1. The good workman (2:15-16)
The good workman is a hard worker.
The good workman is God centered
The good workman is careful and accurate in his teaching
2. The bad workman (2:17-19)
The bad workman becomes sidetracked by pointless arguments (v. 16)
The bad workman will lead others astray (v. 17)
TS: Not only does Paul give the image of an unashamed workman but he also uses the imagery of a clean vessel.

2. The Clean Vessel (2:20-23)

1. The clean vessel
One who cleanses himself of these things (v. 21)
sanctified (v. 21)
useful to the Master (v. 21)
2. The unclean vessel

3. The Lord’s Servant (2:24-26)

Change of tone in verse 24
Paul is much less rigid in his contrast here
Strive for Christ-likeness and allow how you preach the gospel (both verbally and physically) to witness to these false teachers and evil-doers.


C.S. Lewis’ quote from the sermon, Weight of Glory, when interacting with unbelievers,
“There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal … It is immortals whom we joke with, work, marry, snub, exploit – immortal horrors or everlasting splendors.
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