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Sunday Service 11-24-19 - Eph 5:21-33 - Christ-Centered Relationships - Marriage - Part 2

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What does it mean for a husband to "love" his wife as Christ loved the Church? This kind of Biblical "love" is COMMITMENT to her welfare through self-sacrificing, self-giving leadership.

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If it's pretty white drink.

Good evening, Vine good to see y'all make sure we get her up on our marriage life group will be Friday December 13th Friday in December. We have our Tuesday night prayer and bible study is always going on our next George Clinic volunteer night will be the first Tuesday in December. That'll be a third course. We have our Lord's supper and potluck every first Sunday the 1st of December next Sunday. That's right. Good call. So next Sunday plan to bring something the theme will be sleeping sandwich again. That was that was good last time.

And then we'll do what we normally do dinner out every third Sunday set would be December 15th. I believe 1 + 14b 1536 verses 5 through 9.

Are steadfast love O Lord extends to the heavens your faithfulness to the clouds. Your righteousness is like the mountains of God your steadfast love of God your children take refuge in The Shadow of Your Wings. We see you tell me if I took her house and drink from the river reporter lights with you in the Fountain of Life your life easy lives pray together. Eternal god father Son and Holy Spirit we gather together as your people to worship you on your day cuz you are worthy of our all our worship and blessing and honor God your righteousness is like the mountains you are faithfulness has stretching to the skies. So God, we pray that you would open our ears and eyes to see your goodness and the wonders of your word and we may be purified and strengthened by together. We pray always and only in the name of our one Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who told his disciples to pray saying Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors Deliver Us from Evil.

first song singing I can appraises How firm a foundation

May be seated.

Listen to The Lord's Prayer this we need to confess our sins before him. Says if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and also to cleanse us from all unrighteousness stuff. Take a moment to you personally confess our sins privately then we'll do it together.

Confess our sin together using Isaiah 55 as the background of our confession. Lord there is nothing more you can do for your people than what you have done are seeing is in our own hands you rightly expect the good fruit of righteousness and yet for the Peregrine of self-righteousness and do not receive your hand or give him a card to your will be calling you again for being wise and online snoring Justice are on game or put you to the test or God. It's hard to see an emergency forgiveness and purification Assurance of pardon the 1st, John 3 verses 1 through 5. See what great love the father has lavished on us that we should be called children of God. And that is what we are the children. The reason this world does not know us is that it did not know your friends. Now, we are children of God and what we will be has not yet been made known but we know that when Christ appears we shall be like him. We shall see him as he is all who have this. Hope in him purifies himself just as he is pure everyone who sends breaks the law in fact sin is lawlessness, but you know that you fear so that you might take away our sins and in him is no sin. Let's pray God. We just want to bless you and thank you and this exalt the glory of your name Praise of your voice Grace. What's your done to save us and try to take away our sin? Not only that but incomprehensibly to actually make us perfect like you we thank you for that in Jesus name. Amen a stand against against together to sing Our Song of praise your love. Oh Lord from Psalm 36.

Regency Inn, Fayetteville

Right standing for teaching of the face in the Westminster Shorter Catechism. If you got your books you don't pass them out real quick.

You have enough for everybody to have once at home to take home with him and also to have one here as well.

Will be on questions 4 through 6.

Okay, so just four through six though, my bad. I'm not very good at math. Of time question for what is God in his wisdom power Holiness and Truth. Are there more Gods than one and only true God how many persons are there in the godhead? There are three persons in the goddamn the Son and the Holy Ghost 3 on one God the same substance equal in power and Glory.

Yes, I'll be already asked that to you.

All right, so our Old Testament reading the signals from Exodus 7. Beginning of verse 14 and we go all the way through chapter 8 verse 19. We're going to see how God deals with Pharaoh how he judges are wickedness how he comes down on those who are oppressed and his people and so

in the Spurs playing the very first plague that we going to start going to see and all the plagues actually God represents his power over the Egyptian god and so is Moses actually writing this down. He's writing this down for the Israelites who have been in captivity for 400 years. They've been around the the gods of the Egyptians where they have a guide for their Nile and they haven't gone for the frogs in the God for the rain and so on so forth and so God is going to demonstrate his Mike that he is the one true God the overall things. And so that does the place actually come in Triads. The first three plays we're going to see that the works of God go beyond the purview of the Egyptian magicians. And what they're going to say a word here. So even though the dark powers that they're tuned into don't have a can't hold a candle to the power of God. They're going to say you in those first three plagues. This is the singer of we can't do anything about this and then in the there's a continual pattern where God speaks to Moses about the play. He describes it in the plague happen. Then there's going to be an interaction with Pharaoh after everyone and then that there's going to be a description of Pharaoh's heart after each one of these in Iraq. And we're going to see that through all this God is going to say by this. You shall know that I am the Lord that I am is actually says that I am heat. So he is God of creation as demonstrated. He's playing Sees God of judgment as demonstrating these plates and he's also the god of Salvation by which he brings about through these judgmental play number 14, then the Lord said to Moses Pharaoh's heart is hardened he refuses to listen to the people to let the people go Go to Faroe in the morning. If he is going out to the water stand on the banks of the Nile to meet him in taking your hand to staff that turn into a serpent. You shall say to him the Lord the god of the Hebrews sent me to you saying let my people go that they may serve me of the Wilderness. But so far you have not obeyed that says the Lord by this you shall know that I am the Lord the hold with the staff that is in my eye and I will strike the water that is in the Nile and it shall turn the blood the fish in the Nile shall die in the Nile. The Sphinx in Egyptians will grow weary of drinking water from the Nile and the Lord said to Moses a air intake your staff and stretch out your hand over the Waters of Egypt over there Rivers there canals and their ponds and all their pools of water so that they may become blood there shall be blood throughout all the land of the oven in the vessels of wood and Stone. Moses and Aaron Diaz the Lord commanded in the side of pharaoh in the side of his servants. He lifted up his staff and struck the water in the Nile and all the water in the now turned in the blood and efficient and all died and then I'll spank could not drink water from the mouth. It was about all the land of Egypt but The Magicians of Egypt did the Same by their secret Arts of Paris heart remain pardon, and he would not listen to the Lord has said they returned and went to his house and he did not take even he did not take even this to heart and all the Egyptians Doug along the Nile for water to drink for they could not drink the water the now 7 full day's pass that the Lord has struck the Nile. Then the Lord said to Moses go in and the Pharaohs say to him just as the Lord let my people go that they may serve me but if you refuse to let my let them go behold, I will play all your country with frogs Niles housewarming frog come up into your house and into your bedroom and on your bed and into the houses of your servants and all your people and then to your ovens and then to your needing Bowls the Frog have come up on you and on your own all your servants in the Lord said to Moses say to Aaron stretch out your hand with your staff over the rivers over the canals and over the pools and make frogs come out come up out on the land of Egypt. There are in stretched out his hand over the Waters of Egypt and the Frog came up and covered the land of Egypt, but The Magicians did the Same by their sacred Arts has come up on the land of Egypt. Syntero call Moses and Aaron said plead with the Lord to take away the frogs from me and from my people and I will let the people go to sacrifice to the Lord Moses and the Pharaoh be pleased to command to me the command me when I am too sweet for you and for your servants and for your people that the frogs be cut off from you and your houses and be left on in the Nile and he said tomorrow Moses said be as you say so that you may know that there is no one like the Lord our God. The Bronx Tale go away from you. And your house is in your service and your people they shall be left only in the now so Moses and Aaron went out from pharaoh and Moses cried to the Lord about the frogs as he had agreed with Pharaoh in the Lord that according to the word of Moses Rock. Alban houses in Courtyard in the fields. They gather them together and heats in the land stank butt when Pharaoh saw that there was arrested. He hardened his heart and would not listen to them as the Lord said then the Lord said to Moses say the air and stretch out your staff and Stratton the dust of the earth so that it becomes gnats and all the land of Egypt and he said they did so are stretched out his hand and his staff and struck the best of the earth and they were gnats on man and Beast all the dust of the earth became gnats in all the land of Egypt The Magicians Try by their secret Arts to produce gnats, but they could not The magician said the pair of this is the Finger of God, but fear his heart was hardened and he would not listen to them as the Lord has said this is the word of the Lord. Thanks be to God. May God's word living us and bear much fruit to his glory.

God we praise you for your power. Florida for your awesome and righteous judgments on Wicked and Lord we also Humbly bow down and give thanks that we are not. The objects of your judgment and rat because you put all of your wrath on Jesus. Or he swallowed every bit of that cup of your wrath and the plagues that would come to us just lie. So we thank you for that God. We want to ask you to bless us with your presence. Got to give us your spirit so that we may be your people so that we may witness for you. So we may glorify you so that we may be made like you got to want to turn our attention, especially this evening in prayer to our fan to the marriages. Of all of those were married in this congregation and the people that are involved with a smooth and even to all Christian marriages throughout the world. Florida seems like almost like in the land of Egypt that there is a dark power raging against marriage a secret art that's being Divine by Satan to strike at what marriage is in what you getting the good thing that you created male and female to be God we know that your power is greater that whatever Satan has devised. You can defeat him by one word by one finger. So God, we pray that you would end in us first create a sense of all in Wonder and reverence thankfulness for what you've created marriage to be. And that you would help wives to respect and submit to their husbands as as as the sun does to the father that you helped all the husbands to love and cherish and nurse their wives as Christ has done for the church and gave himself up for her. But we just again we pray this not only for ourselves but for all the Christian marriages in the world that serve as a witness to the gospel. God we pray all these things in Jesus name. Amen.

The preparation come boldly to the throne if they remain seated.

As we are saying it that we can take up an offering as well.


WWE Enzo

As we have taken up offering him. We want to give thanks for all that. The Lord has given knowing that all good blessings come down from him.

You would turn your Bibles did season 5.

Husband is our turn. What type of weapon? Like I said last week, but it's good. It's a good medicine.

So just a just a recap just against the main idea. We got to get this in order to appreciate what's being said.

In order to appreciate what's being said, let's let's see what he said in the past because we are members of his body that is to say we of the church are members of the body of Christ. Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife hold tightly hold strongly steadfastly to his wife and the two shall become one with this mystery is profound and I'm saying that refers to Christ and the church.

So if we see we go back to Genesis, we're going to run to see that in Genesis 1 he describes the creation man and woman pretty succinctly. I can just says that she says then God said let us make man in our image after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock are over all the Earth every creeping thing that creeps on the earth. So God created man in his own image.

In the image of God he created him. Male and female he created them there is complete and utter sameness and equality in that passage. He gives man kind man and woman His Image and he gives man and woman dominion over there.

But then Genesis 2 he give us a more detailed exposition of what actually took place when he created male and female. So we just have one we have this you are you are one creation after my life. And in that you are completely equal in that and then it has to agree we resist in the Lord God Secret. And how to write things down in those days. Was it expensive thousand bucks just to make this face. So

of the creation of marriage the unnecessary drama creating man and woman He could have done this a lot more Safeway, but it didn't and it any also told us about what it is. But for a dime that was not found a helper fit for him. So the Lord God causes deep sleep to fall upon the man while he slept took one of his ribs and close up its place with flesh. And the ribs at the Lord got it taken from the man be made into a woman. And brought her to the man. Did the man said this at last is bone of my bone? Flesh of My Flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken out man. therefore a man Michelle Williams father and mother and hold fast to his wife. They shall become one flesh. Poe quotes that he recognized This is an unnecessary inefficiency of God in creating this. He could have just made one single thing and that could have been in His image, but he didn't. you need to and though he made them equal. He also made them distinct different.

If house is there's a mystery in that. There's something hidden tucked away under there that is going to be revealed.

Paul says that Authority Like Jesus Does this but I say to you but I say that this refers to Christ and the church and other words.

Genesis been promoted to write this down about what happened. Therefore a man this refers to Christ in the church. Who is this?

Shall leave his father and mother believes Heaven Elise. God leads his father leaves leaves his spirit. To come down and see makes flesh so that he may hold fast. Who is who is this?

This Is Us

And he holds us so fast. So steadfastly in such a way.

That we have perfect.

One flesh We Are One the church's one with Christ in the same way and analogous way as man and wife.

And so that's the basis of all of our instructions as man and wife is what we are up. So what now? How does this apply? Just want to see things in here in the in the passage in Genesis 1 the equality is is stressed in Genesis to the Justice to passage. We also see if because Adam says she's like me you passed all his other creations in front of me and thank God they they wouldn't do now you brought you may something like me squishies, call her woman because she was taken out of me. 30 quality but there's also compliments Harry because she was made after him with Paul goes on the stress in the New Testament.

There's also interdependence God saw that the man needed the woman. He was laughing when he was he was an incomplete image that it took the woman with the man to make the complete image quality complementarity and interdependent. We see head shift and submission. We see a common task of dominion and rolling together. We can see the Covenant of steadfast loyal love and faithfulness. Of course, we see the gospel in all of those things. God made the woman From man, she's like him partnership equality, She made him a woman after man that where there's a will in a way. She's unlike you liter And she made woman for man. He needs her.

Quality complementary and interdependence. This is a whole lot like the description of the church back in the Ephesians 4 when he says you all have these gifts you all need each other all different different in that fit together at the church and you make together you make the temple of God there is unity in diversity in the church. I don't like the trailer itself.

So let's look at this in more detail as we get into the text. 4 * 25

husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church gave himself up for her that he might sanctify her having Clem's turbo by the washing of water with the word so that he might present the church to himself and Splendor without spot or wrinkle or any such thing that she might be. Holy and without blemish. This is a this statement is so complete. The love of Christ in the church. This statement is so complete and comprehensive that some Scholars think that it may be a from an early Christian Creed. It is so from beginning to end a complete picture of the love of Christ from the church. It seems to trace Christ care for his church from an from an eternity past to Eternity future. We see things that we couldn't see because it was in the past and we see things that we can't yet see because it's in the future and we see things that we are currently experiencing that put them together.

Husbands love your wife wives as Christ loved past. He loved the church.

how to work love the church

states that. That loved goes into an eternity past when did he begin to Lucky?

while you were saying it wasn't when you decided to love him. He loves you first.

Those whom he foreknew that were 4 news is a very lacking word to 824 love like Adam knew his wife like God knows the way of the righteous. Before New Year. before you ever existed Those whom he foreknew, he also predestined Be conformed to the image of his son and I were like I said, she's like me. The church and God for new it's going to be made like the second half when we made like Jesus.

Be destined to be conformed to the image of this song. Destiny also call me those he called. He also Justified those he justified. He also glorified. He knew you before you ever existed before you were ever born. He bought your life and that cross he knew who he was dying for. Macross you knew who became the site

Not only do we see that that Eternal past. We also see Christ loved the church and what because he loved the church. He did something. Gave himself up for her and any did that for a reason? Because we were Sinners he did that so that you could Sanctified us. This is what would begin the process of making us be like him. So that we could be just fine. Having cleanser by the washing of water with work all that is taking place in the here-and-now in real time. You gave yourself up for her. That's when he died on the cross that he might sanctify her have cancer by the washing of water with the word. There's a picture of baptism picture of the Gospel being shown for through the baptism forward. And then we go all the way to an eternity future. So that you might present the church to himself. In splendor without spot or wrinkle or any such thing that she might be holding without glitch. That is yet to come.

So as we see it says husbands love your wives interesting lie, right after it says wives submit to your husbands. You think it would say husbands lead or rule or have authority over your wives? It doesn't say that it doesn't give a symmetrical command.

Husbands love your wives. It tells wives to submit or respect their husbands three times in versus 22 24 33 and it tells husband to love you at three times in 2520 83rd. Now. What does it mean when it says love your wife's that word is so messed up in our culture's mind what it means.

But their words their you know, they greet you had three different word for love. You had e r o Vallejo I got power and this is where I got tired of it is not 0 does not the the sexual feelings is not the attraction. I got power and Hebrew. This would be the work that said. Covenant Love Covenant spicing a loyalty is a commitment.

When it says husbands love your wife that needs to be committed to her and her welfare.

That is a covenant love that God has that Christ has for his church. loyal committed here for your wife and her welfare. That right there just needs to be said maybe better than I can say it to all the men in the world. The ones who have become Fowler's. That you as a man and everybody else our society needs to hear that you are not the sum of your desires your feelings or your dreams. Set up make you who you are. You are your commitments? That determines your life that determines the destiny of where you will end up in your life. And what will come as a result of everything you've done is what to what are you missing?

That's the word hold fast. Christ is committed to you. No matter what.

I want to say that this is a

it would be lost on us. What a


Idea, this is an endangered world. Wives were seen as the Eros kind of love sure and and Status sure but there was no sense of faithfulness. Sounds familiar today, but but in that you can maybe some kind of back full circle to what they were before Christ. There was no commitment to faithfulness. It was just status in society thing and whatever you did.

I was outside of those doors just happened that was expected all kinds of things. The woman was normally I just stared serve it. So when Jesus said the loop 16 everyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery and he who marries a woman divorce from her husband commits adultery. That's a revolutionary teaching to the men of that that they thought that they could do whatever they wanted that this was made for them and that if she took the bad meal and displease them then that wasn't that was an error to justify divorce.

That section of whoop is a section that is completely devoted to one thing. It is the exaltation of the humble and the humiliation of the exalted. Can you see an infant all of that section is Neil's that's where the Prodigal Son story is. That's where that you had the prodigal son go off and he was thought to be either lost its forget him and he had this Goodson's supposedly do all things right. But but then he and the end of the story The Prodigal Son is the one that is back United with his father in the one who is thought he was good and important is because they were righteous by their own selves are not And so that's what you have in that law. Jesus is properly helping us to properly understand the law. for marriage and adultery

dead end in divorce. There's a winner in the loser and it's not supposed to be that way.

God is on the side of the humble. poor in spirit

So in general that's usually a woman throughout history. God is on the side of women. And sometimes that role was reversed where the woman's take advantage of the man and then he used to be switching sides to he's on the side of the humble. God opposes the proud but gives his favor to the humble. Why can say there is no divorce except for met Marisol and faithfulness, which is a breach of the coven or by or abandonment right by a non-believer.

And he says the men if you even look.

What did I say about your commits? What does that say if you're committed to your love for her or your wife?

So he feels out the picture of what this kind of commitment looks like this kind of committed love. It. Looks like what Christ did he loved and so his love went to to this extreme gave himself up for her. The fact that he gave himself up for her.

Why I'm submit to your husbands husbands love your wives. Scrap gave himself up for the church that make love look a whole lot like submission.

It looks pretty strikingly similar. You give yourself up for the other. They you put them ahead of you. You put their needs ahead of yours.

the other side of the coin other relationship where that coin is made up of Covenant commitment. Covenant commitment through self sacrificing self giving service to the other Who is like you yet different than me?

One side of the coin is committed self giving self-sacrificing leadership. And the other side of the coin is committed to self getting self-sacrificing submission.

Love and submission aren't that different? Leadership and submission and Authority aren't that different when viewed as discussed two sides of the same coin? I will say there is. There is a difference. They are not identical. The difference is Christ doesn't give himself up for the church because the church told him to the church did not instruct Christ what to do. This was Christ's idea. This was him taking the lead in love and service. That is the higher calling so I can call it that maybe I should call that that'd be higher calling that husbands have I want to say that because it's more difficult higher level of responsibility that the head of the household as husband have we must take the lead and self-sacrificing committed love?

In general you see this in the end as relationship begins in general. The husband is that the man is usually the joyful initiator. And the woman is the responder which falls right in line with God and his church we love because he first loved us. God is the initiator of the love relationship. We are the responder in the love relationship.

So husband application hear your leadership flows from your love. You do not command you to leave you command you to love. Now because your wife is supposed to submit that means you do have to leave. But you must lead. From your committed love and commitment to her welfare. That's best to be the basis of your leadership.

Being a husband then. We can say is really a special version of an overall Christian it. Christ-like love because two of the same chapter. He says that we're to walk in love like Christ who gave himself up for us that all of us. Are you supposed to walk a self-sacrificing love to one another?

Love one another as I have loved you.

I hate to find history yet. They call that a new commandment. because of the newness of how he demonstrates what Real Love Is

so husband is gets tough gets a special case of that kind of responsibility verse 26

the effects of that of the love your sex of him getting himself up for her or these so that you might sanctify her. All right. So again, he loves you and Eternity past that that's something that I really want to wash over us to 2 to get down deep in our hearts that you love me and Eternity past.

In love he predestined for adoption. It did not depend on me. Do not depend on your performance. Did not depend on your effort for your goodness.

What is fentanyl?

Cancel this will. all wisdom and love

he loves you because because

by grace through faith, not of yourselves to God so that no one can boast. He died for you on that cross. Purchased your Redemption by that blood he shed. Pay for your sin, including your unbelief and hard-heartedness.

Paper. He could break your heart so that when you saw the Cross by his spirit with your eyes will be opened. You would see the amazing and some beauty of it. He took the hell of God's Wrath and forsaking this which would otherwise have been justly reserved for me.

The Bible has a couple of unanswerable questions and that's the best one question. That should be r

Why does he love me? Think about if your wife were asked you that husband.

and said

Why do you love me?

Don't fall in that trap.

You can think of something to say.

You got a great body. You make a fine by BBQ. You have a wonderful personality.

You say things like that and you know what it was.

but given the time And it will bring a security.

because What if I don't have?

What is what is there comes a day when I can't make you?

What's what about those days when? I don't have a great personality.

And so Why do you love her?

I love you.

I love you, but I love you. That's the kind of love we actually meet. Got what we need.

That will give us rest. It's another God loved us that way.

I love you because I love you. I love you and I lunch.

Committed to you.

So he Sanctified her and over he takes her out of the world. He takes her out from among the rest. He sanctifies you bring them out sets them apart. I picture Esther Queen Esther right? She's she said apart from the from the rest.

Chester Park to be something special set a report to be uniquely his Now what produces this sanctification in real-time? That's the next part that he might think about her and here's what happens in real time to to produce that sings vacation to produce that setting apart to produce that making her special. Having Quince her you made her fewer. It takes away her iniquity for send her guilt or shame. It takes away her uncleanness or unworthiness.

And he does that by what? by the washing of water with the word that we could talk about baptism. everything that it means Is the washing by the washing of water but not just in itself like the water is not magical. That's this is a really important first to show that it's not just about the water. It's the water with the word the act with the word network. What the water mean? The meaning of what is happening in the baptism?

Baptism with the gospel Shone forth in the bathroom. The Word of Promise The Word of Promise that companies that matches with God speaks and says I love you I commit to you. I make a covenant to be faithful and have steadfast love for you. It is like the betrothal ceremony of Promise in the ancient Days by the way, but struggle you would call the truck the betrothed man and wife which is why I chose it had to actually divorce Mary even though they had not yet. Come to be fully married. They were betrothed and it was last about a year before that actual. Marriage ceremony, but they were fully man and white except for the confirmation for interesting with so you have this betrothal that says I am yours and you are mine with what we have done in our baptism, which is an engagement to Christ. Waiting the wedding day to come. In these ways she is to be set apart to be his and made ready for his appearing the wedding day. And so she actually becomes conformed to His Image by his spirit that an ulcer. She is his workmanship created in him or good works. She becomes like him matching his gloriousness. She's actually enabled to be like him Jackson be able to be good and do good herself like he is and does. She is like the relationship with Adam with man and woman in begin. You are like me you are bone of my bone Flesh of My Flesh. I'm going to call you mine like Christian man woman Christ Christian because you're like me.

unlike Adam Adam needed a helper. Adam needed someone to complete the image with him Christ is the perfect image of God Christ does not do this for us or make us is because he needs us.

We love because he chose to eat shows to make us part of them. Navigate me to. Then I will pass the love you the more he includes us as equals actually. Hello heirs with him.

Revelation 19 6 through 8 We will arrive at the marriage Ceremony. This is what it says. Then I heard what seemed to be the voice of a great multitude like the Roar of many Waters and like the sound of Mighty feel the Thunder crying out. So so Jesus has all of creation playing at his wedding. Hallelujah for the Lord Our God the Almighty Reigns, let us rejoice and exalt and give him the glory for the marriage of the Lamb has come and his bride has made herself ready. It was granted her to close herself with fine men in Brighton fewer for the fine line is the righteous Deeds of the Saints. So I want to point something out in that Thanos versus dinner. That's just a really harmonious look at What's taking place in our sanctification?

notice that it says she has made herself ready. Notice that it also says right after that it says it was granted her. It was given to her.

to what to close herself

Is your sanctification your work or God's work?

It's granted you God gives it to you to make yourself ready.

And what is our fine linen in the in the last day? It is our righteous Deeds.

Our righteousness is as filthy rags.

not with Jesus involved

our righteousness is as filthy rags when we're doing it to try. You didn't do it with God. We have to do it in order to get their butt when he's already. That changes everything about our Rochester. Then are all righteous. Deeds are done and thankfulness on face and enjoy. because we know not because he loved us. Because You Loved Me

That Perfect Harmony of sovereignty and responsibility in that verse it's a sovereignty enabled responsibility to the wording of the Westminster Confession again, this getting better than what they've already said. God's sovereignty does no violence to the will of creatures nor takes away the liberty of second causes but rather establishes it that's a big stuff right now. Say it again. God's sovereignty does no violence to the to the will of the creature. But rather establishes we will be future. It gives you. debility Did you get it? He gives you the ability makes you alive so that you said sure will now want something. Different than it did when you were dead in your sins and trespasses.

Verse 27. I'm going to end it here, even though I plan to go all the way through fruit cutting them in half and do the rest next week first 27 so that he might present the church to himself and Splendor without spot or wrinkle eraser that she might be holy and without bleach. He presents the trip to himself. All right, this is The Wedding March of all wedding marches. That is Witness by all of history. I just think this parking spot to the first atom where God present Steve to him and he's like

At last this is now bone of my bone and Flesh of My Flesh when the day comes of the Lord in the church has made herself Christ is going to say at last she is like me. Can you tell me? If it doesn't.

in splendor that is that derived Glory that we have that actually matches the glory of Jesus. It is his Splendor that we now also possess the revelation of Christ Christ brings the revelation of us the church for what we truly are.

This is a quote from John Stott. So to The church is true nature will become apparent. On Earth she is often in rags and Packers stained anole despise the persecuted.

But one day she will be seen for what she is. Nothing less than the bride of Christ. Frequent spots wrinkles or any other disfigured holy and without blemish beautiful and glorious.

1st John 3:2 which we already read as the stress of Pardon says beloved. We are God's children now. But what we will be has not yet appeared. But we know that when he appears we shall be like him. Because we shall see him as he is. When we see Jesus as in we have seen that when we see that the veil lifted from Jesus it's going to change. And if they'll be listed from us and we will be we with the beauty that we see in him will be true of us. How beautiful is she?

Think about that Augustine quote about the body of Christ presented in the in the Lord's supper and says feed what you see here and receive what you are. This is the body and you are the body. Says earlier in the pieces that actually that the body grows up into the head it just get that great funny picture that right now. We're like a a big headed baby where the head is all great and but the body and stumbling around but eventually the beautiful head will have a body to match that being us.

without spot without study On that day, we will be without any.

Does it he will separate our sin from us as far as the East is from the West? your mind and your heart will be free clean. It's like a monster without wrinkle, right? So not only will our mind and heart and our spirit Lee clean from stains. Send. Our body itself will be forever young. We will have glorified perfect in existence.

Without any such thing. There will be no problems. No weaknesses.

You won't even be able to sing.

think about what life is like here on Earth as we are for the Christian as we grow and get older we becoming wiser. We're becoming better. We're becoming more. Holy in our spirit in our hearts and our minds but in our body were getting worse and worse. It's it's this is kind of a kind of a bummer that way, okay. Now I know what to do, but I'm too old to do it.

But then it will be both together. It will be the strength of The Young and the wisdom of the old. all in one

I just really have no category for this in my mind.

We do not believe this is from CS Lewis that God loves us because we are good. But we do believe that because God loves us. He will make us good. It almost feels Blasphemous the top like this. That we will be like this that that just feels wrong to say.

Roar like when when Johnson?

But God says it. That we should be holy. Holy God is Holy. We will be holding who is without playing God is with us.

A woman is made for man like him and after him and so we are made for Christ. Who is Christ?

A man, which is what we will be. He is very God of very God and there's a point where Jesus says you are about to make a point that we will be like him. He says he also says you shouldn't be having these clothes in church. Can't you solve these things don't you know that one day you will judge angels.

I cannot comprehend this. I hope I'm only saying what scripture says.

But yeah, that's what Paul said in 1st Corinthians 2:9. He says you can understand what no eye has seen nor ear heard nor the heart of man. Imagine what God has prepared for those who love him.

So application this is the last name husbands. We read this that Christ has done for the church. And in what all he's done this wonderful statement. And then we're to base our love on that. That means the ultimate goal of our leadership is the glorification of Our Lives. Our leadership serve that purpose to help her to be holy to be clean to be pure to understand and believe in her own Beauty. And her work her Splendor her glory or identity, which all are based in Christ. That is pictured husband in your love for her. You are Covenant commitment of self-sacrificing self-giving care. Far from an oppressive leadership. Nope. This isn't the opposite of that it actually is not to stifle her from becoming who she should be. It helps her become who she should be to become the best version of herself liberated from guilt and shame in the power of sin. This is also reciprocated. Wife's back to you and your submissive role to your husband. This is the same your loving committed self sacrifice himself getting submission to him is also to help him be the man that God created him to be to help him be the leader that God created him to be that he can't be without you and you can't be without me. Doing your thing. Without you I'm not mad at you complete me that there's there's truth in those wonderful songs and movie lines. Here's another quote for mom from Richard token. I did Thomas Ariel on this passage. Living like Christ doesn't begin. This is applying this means getting up. Your life even unto death. And until that is necessary that means dying to what is easiest for you and countless little ways are listen to this husband's dying to what is easiest for you and countless away. Perhaps helping her domestic chores adapting your social or sporting commitments know where's our hobbies that we get obsessed with. Speaking to me helping more with the children. As well as not only those things but also spiritual initiatives like reading the Bible with your family at the dinner table or praying with your wife before you go to sleep. A husband is to love his wife for better for worse richer or poorer in sickness and health not just providing for her materially but giving himself to her physically and emotionally and spiritually and if his career or Hobbies or even his own church ministry. Is consistently making this impossible? But he should consider changing it for the sake of his wife.

Stop right there. Just to say we will come back to this next week. We're reviewing we're going for what it says next. But this to say this is this is really hard to do. I really didn't freak. red heart

the only way we can fall in Christ. Paul prayed before he goes into all these things of what Christians are to do key phrase for Christian. price for the church in second half of Chapter 3 of the Season he says I pray that they will be strengthened and their inner being

that they will get that they will be made to know. I understand that they will be rooted and grounded in love so that they may know and understand the in comprehensible Love Of Christ. The Depths Heights and length and width The love of Christ only through that God grants us the spirit. Filling of the spirit helps us to see things we would have seen. No Christ in ways. We can't we would have known to experience his love. So that we can hold fast to Ry. We can hold fast to them. Because he holds fast us.

Norway just want to lift up these with this request to you. God that you would help us to be rooted completely founded. stand on love the Covenant love that you've given us that you are committed to us that you hold onto US. Even when we're ridiculous you hold on to us that we may be sticking and screaming. Sometimes you hold on to us you are committed to us you are you have given of yourself? So that we may be holy so that we may be found blameless without blemish glorified. God help us is husbands. It is our that for our wives and to see this is our greatest Ministry. To be the prophet priest and king of our homes for the good of our family and our wives. So we can help her to be who you made her to be. And so that she can also that we can become who you made us to be threw that reciprocate a relationship. Thank you for it in Jesus name. Amen.

the standing sing sponce he will hold me fast.

Last year, My Love Is All I Need.

Terrence J

Christians Let's go best together our faith Christian. What do you believe I believe in God the Father Almighty maker is only son our Lord born of the Virgin. Mary suffered under Pontius Pilate was crucified and buried meaning of saints forgiveness of sins the resurrection of the body and life Everlasting a lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you that the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

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