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What Are We Doing Here?

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What are WE doing here? Did we come to look at the river? Did we come to see who else is crazy enough to stand here on this freezing cold morning? What are we doing here?!!

We know what Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were doing on that morning so long ago  - they were going to see the tomb where their Lord Jesus had been laid. In the other gospels Mark and Luke tell us that they went to prepare Jesus’ body for a proper burial since they could not do it the day before – it was the Sabbath and their religious doctrine prevented them from doing so.

What were they doing there? They were doing the only thing they knew to do. And they were expecting to find Jesus’ lifeless body.

But that’s not what they found! They found an angel of the Lord, shining like lightning and descending from heaven saying, “Hey yo, this is my message to you – the Jesus you seek isn’t here. He has been raised just like he said he would be. Go see for yourselves where he lay and then go hightail it to the others and tell them Jesus will be meeting you all in Galilee!”

And as though that wasn’t good enough – suddenly Jesus appeared to the women. You know, I think Jesus was so full of Easter joy that he just couldn’t wait. He just had to show himself to these faithful women who had come looking for him so early in the morning!

And that’s why we’re here! Oh, now I don’t expect that Jesus will appear to us in the same way he had to Mary Magdalene and the other Mary. But won’t you agree that we come here, and so willing to freeze our you know whats off because of the joy of the Lord.

What are we doing here? We are to celebrate – to celebrate the joy we have in knowing and being known by the Living Lord Jesus.

Christ is risen! Alleluia!

What are we doing here? We are here to see Christ alive in our midst, in each other, in the familiar, and in the stranger.

We are here to say once again that as Christ had died and Christ is risen, so have our sinful selves been put to death and raised to new life in Christ! As we remember and celebrate what Christ has promised to us, let us reaffirm our promise to him. Let us now share in a renewal of our baptismal vows:

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