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The Sabbath: Day of Rest

Your Kingdom Come!  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  1:09:00
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Ever wonder why the pattern of 6 days for work followed by a day one for rest? It is the plan first seen in God's work of creating in Genesis 1. What is God creating? When we look deeper into Scripture, we learn that it is God's long term project of creating not the physical heavens and earth but the new world, the Kingdom of God. And it is not a one-week project but a project spanning 6000 years. Then on Day 7, the sabbath, also a thousand years long, God rests while Jesus takes over the project as king of the earth. Join us as we search the Scriptures to learn what the prophets, apostles and Jesus himself have told about this coming thousand-year Sabbath, when there will be peace and happiness for everyone worldwide.

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