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            I will never forget one Friday in the Chicago O’Hare Airport.  I had just finished speaking and was anxious to get home to my family in California, so I could spend another day, another week, another month on the road.  I seemed to be chasing life at that time.  I hurried to the gate from which my plane was scheduled to depart, but by the time I arrived, the door had closed, and the airplane was pulling back from the gate.  It was a DC-10.  Flight 191.

            In a little over an hour later, a broken bolt would give way on that plane.  The wing pod would fall off, and the plane would crash, with great loss of life.

            To this day, I keep that invalidated ticket on Flight 191 to remind me to enjoy a portion of all life’s harvests as they are reaped.  When I get angry or frustrated from time to time, my wife will pull out that ticket and ask simply, “What are you grousing about today?”  I look at my ticket, I look at my life, and I must conclude, “Nothing.”  Every day is Christmas and every day is Easter to me.

Timing Is Everything, Denis Waitley, page 270

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