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            While I was working inside the house, a garbage truck lumbered down our street.  Stopping every few houses to grind and crush the trash, the truck was incredibly noisy.  It broke my concentration.  Irked, I walked to the window hoping to speed the truck’s passing with an annoyed glare.

            But in the front yard, my five-year-old son was thrilled.  I watched him climb on top of a fire hydrant near the street.  From there, he had the best possible view inside the back of the huge truck where giant mechanical teeth chewed up the garbage. T he noise just made it more fascinating to him.  It’s a marvelous thing that five-year-olds can enjoy life by just watching garbage trucks, and that adults can enjoy life by just watching five-year-olds. - Rich Fullerton

Reader’s Digest, May 1996, page 154

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