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Hernando Cortes-Loyalty

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Hernando Cortes-Loyalty/Commitment

        Hernando Cortes had a plan.  He wanted to lead an expedition into Mexico to capture its vast treasures.  When the Spanish heard about it, they gave Cortes 11 ships and 700 men.  Little did the Spanish know that Cortes had failed to reveal his entire plan?

        After months of travel, the 11 ships landed in Veracruz in the spring of 1519.  As soon as the ships were unloaded, Cortes instituted the rest of his plan-he burned the ships!

        That’s what you call commitment.  That’s what you call no turning back.  That’s what some call burning bridges.  But Cortes didn’t have any bridges so he burned his ships. 

        Essentially he eliminated the options.  He didn’t know what he would encounter on his expedition to the interior.  But he did know this:  There could be no escape routes for his men.  If the fighting got too fierce or the expedition too exhausting, there was no going back to Veracruz and sailing home.  In one fell swoop he had not only eliminated the options but had created an intensely powerful motivation to succeed.

        Today more than ever we need men and women who are willing to “burn their ships” when it comes to their commitment to God and His Word.  Burning your ships expresses commitment that requires loyalty no matter what comes in the future, you’re going to stick it out. 

        Too often in our age whether in athletics, business, politics or even in marriages we have a commitment that is only honored when convenient.  Here’s what I want you to do take up your cross and don’t put it down.  Stay committed to the God you’ve entrusted with your life eternal.  Decide in your heart that you will be loyal to Him for everything you’ve received from him.  Decide to “burn your ships” there’s no going back!

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