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This week's message will share the importance of seeing God as the beginning of all things.


A Perfect Introduction

Over the past two weeks, we have been navigating our way through the bible. In an attempt to acquire proper interpretation, information, impartation, and inspiration, we felt it necessary to start from Genesis. encourage you all to make your way to bible study. Today’s message will centralize itself on God’s introduction. There are so powerful points of interests that all believers should adopt and implement into the fabric of your Christian journey.
The first book, understood as the writings of Moses, shares with us a few simple, yet important truths. Moses opens up our canon of scripture by detailing the -
Preeminence of God
This introduction of God’s preeminence of subtle yet extremely significant to the totality of our canon of scripture. Moses declares the following: “In the beginning God”.
Within this short simplistic phrase, we are not introduced to another power, principality, ruler, or high place. There is only God. And, since God stand alone in the beginning, then God serves and exists as the preeminent architect of all things. Before God there was nothing. At this juncture of scripture, beside God there was nothing. It was God all by God’s self. And I don’t know about you but that’s good news. The same God who stood alone, the same God who made something out of nothing without having to ask anyone’s permission, is the same God who can make something for you and something for me. In other words, God does not require the permission of anyone besides Himself to do what he desires in your life. It does not matter whether people like you. It does not matter whether people support you. It does not matter whether people believe that you are deserving. God is sovereign, and His sovereignty is not relegated by anything or anyone that came after Him.
God is simply God. I cannot speak for you but I have discovered that my own peace, my own security does not rest in people. People will like you today and not like you this afternoon. People will stand by you as long as you are doing what they want you to do and will cross the street the moment you next move does not involve them. My peace and my security rests on the preeminence of God. And as long as God is in control, I am able to rest. Somebody in the room today, even at this point within the message needs to hear this word - Rest my child I am sovereign. Do not worry yourself over people who smile in your face and talk about you behind your back - I am sovereign.
Presence of God
Moses shares and shows with us a uniqueness concerning the presence of God that seemingly goes again cultural Christianity. Cultural Christianity is one that opts to highlight emotionalism. It attempts to present a fire-filled spiritual perspective but in the end, it is nothing more than emotionalism. Let me pause for station identification. Jesus says that God is a spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. True worship therefore is never a byproduct of my emotions. In other words, the essence of my do good is not a byproduct of my feel good. Truth tells me that I do not deserve to be alive today but he still woke me up. Truth tell me that I deserved the pit that I dug for myself but you still pulled me out. So I don’t come to church because I like the pastor. I don’t come to church because I get along with everyone I serve with. I come to church because God has been good to me and God deserves my best.
Look at what Moses shares with us - God creates the heavens and the earth. The earth is void and has no form. Even darkness was over the face of the deep. But in this very space, God is not absent. God is very much present. This new-age emotionally driven Christianity attempts to share an understanding of darkness in a way that suggests an absent God. We process the notice of darkness as a space where God does not reside. We have allowed people to create an image to use that we are alone with no help, strength or support. But Here in this narrative, God is not only present , God is moving. God is moving in my darkness; working on my behalf. Yes my situation may be void. Yes my situation may be formless. Yes my situation may be dark. But, God is present and God is moving. I might can’t see God but God is still there.
Proclamation of God
Our message today closes with the proclamation of God. In verse 3, the bible says, “And God said, Let there be light and there was light”. In other words, whatever God speaks into exists materializes. God said let there be and it was. No permission required just a proclamation rendered. God said it and that settles it. And lest I hold you too long, here is the shout. When God speaks, God speaks into exists the very thing we need to counter our situation. Our situation was dark, so God speaks light. I situation was hurt so God speaks healing, our situation was confusion so God speaks peace. whatever our situations are God speaks what we need. God never had to speak against darkness. God merely spoke what we needed into existence.
And if we have been commissioned by Jesus to do what He does, than I will no longer give energy to my situation. I will no longer waste anymore time or make a priority to speak against it or anyone connected to it. I will simply declare into the atmosphere what I need. And if what I need lines up with God’s will for my life, then God will declare it in my space and bring it to pass without anyone’s permission.
I dare you to look at your environment, see it for what is it, and begin to speak into the atmosphere what you need.
If you need - joy, peace, hope, love, direction, strength, focus, determination - asked God.
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