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Disciples Affirm Resurrection Hope

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Disciples are bold in their faith because they live out their inheritance given to them in Christ!

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Disciples of firm Resurrection. Hope is our topic this morning. But as some of you may have picked up on it is All Saints Sunday, and we're not talking about the New Orleans Saints and the Saints fans rights America's football team Francis.

So it was a complete mistake, but he did tweet about the Saints this morning. What we're talking about is the Saints of the early church. We're not going to go in till a whole series on the same to the other early church, but here are some of the saints that founded the faith the saints that came before us men like Saint Paul MN light St. John the Baptist was a little crazy wasn't he his diet that he was on long hair. I don't know how we would receive him in the church today. If you were to come in. I think I would even maybe look as he was walking in. at the church on All Saints celebrates

the love that the church had the people of the church the fulfill the Great Commission given to us. I hear in Matthew 28 therefore go and make disciples of all Nations baptizing in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to obey everything. I have commanded you and look I myself will be with you everyday until the end of the present age. Today's scripture. We're going to kind of dig and to what it means to leave an inheritance for the Next Generation what it means to have an inheritance passed on to us today. as Disciples of Jesus Christ the great Saints we don't worship the Saints right? We don't pray to them. We don't bow down to them but for us to ignore their contributions to the early church would be horrible. It reminds me of this quote simply those who don't know history are destined to repeat it. I'm sure that might be familiar for some of you and I'll have to at least in my household we use it to talk about politics, but I can be talked about for the church as well. The church continues to repeat its history at some of the early heresies of the church continue to repeat themselves. But if we don't know what the early church fathers and mothers went through, how are we to do anything different?

We have a lot to learn from those who came before us. We have a lot to learn on how they suffered for Jesus how they cared about the church today in 2019.

this morning I know it's a lot bigger on my screen. Disciples should be bold in their face. All right. That's our action statement. Because we have received an inheritance in Christ. It's also Center Percy versus here. We have also received an inheritance in Christ. We were destined by the plan of God who accomplishes everything according to his design. We are called to be an honor to God's glory because we are first we were the first to Hope in Christ. You should have heard the word of Truth and Christ, which is the good news of your salvation us is where I'm hitting you were sealed with the promised. Holy spirit because you believed in Christ. The holy spirit is the down payment of our inheritance, which is applied to Hazard Redemption as God's Own people resulting in the honor of God's glory.

So we're going to hit on really two things here that we received an inheritance in Christ and that we have been sealed because we have believed in Christ. Now we talked about our CEO I think of maybe something we can all relate to the Florida stamp tax, you know, every time you buy something here in the State of Florida Tax, but it's a seal of your purchase. It's a seal of what's going on. When you buy a piece of property you go to the notary and you get all your paperwork document. Well in Christ when we believe in him. We have been sealed. We have been a part of God's family. So in order to receive an inheritance, we have to have something to inherit in the first place. Now some families have stop passing along things to the Next Generation. But you know, I can louziana and people pass things out of their family. It's just part of the culture when someone gets married family members donate land for that loved one to go build a house. It's just part of the culture. And so our inheritance really comes from the Gospel of John chapter 14. And Jesus answered I am the way the truth and the life and no one comes to the father except through me don't be troubled. trust in God trust also in me My father's house has room to spare. My father's house has many mansions write some translations say for you. And when I go to prepare a place for you, I will return it and take you to be with me. So that where I am you will be to you are you know the way the place I'm going and Thomas ask? Or we don't know where you are going. How can we know the way and Jesus answered? I am the way the truth and the life and no one comes to the father except through me. And if you're really known me you will also know the father. From now on you know him and have seen him. And Philip said Lord show us the father that will be enough for us. And Jesus replied don't you know me Philip? Even after I have been with you all this time, Whoever has seen me has seen the father. How can you say show us the father? Don't you believe that I am the father and the father is in me and the words I have spoken to you. I don't speak my on my own words and the father who dwells in me does his work? So we have some basic trinitarian, theology here. Trust me when I say that I am the father and the father is in me, or at least believe on the account of The Works themself. And I sure you whoever believes in me will do the works that I do. The boy believe in Jesus we will do what he does. They will do even Greater Works than these because I am going to the father and I will do whatever you ask. Or in my name of the father can be glorified in the son and when you ask her me anything in my name, I will do it. So some Christians today would absolutely labeled me as an extremist. Because I believe in these words that Jesus tells us this morning. I believe that Jesus is the only way the way the truth and the life that nobody goes before the father except through him. They were told in Revelations 20 20. And I saw the dead Great and Small standing Before the Throne in the books were opened. And another book was open, which is The Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.

The Christian Church society as a whole is is becoming where? All faiths lead to the same God. And maybe you won't like me after saying this but I don't believe that I believe Jesus had a message that Jesus came to testify the father. Now, of course, I have some other things, you know, I'm some of my best friends are or rabbis in the Jewish faith, and I believe they have a special relationship with God according to the Old Testament. Does God always stays true to his word. But Jesus for us this morning, you've heard the stories of Jesus. He is the only way.

When when Amanda and I were in college our first year of marriage we work for John Calvin Presbyterian Church. Ann. She was the children's pastor and I was the youth pastor and we lived on campus in this little-bitty apartment one bedroom and we will drive every day almost to go to the office in Metairie. And for those that don't know John Calvin was kind of the founder of presbyterianism, but you know the worst part of that job. We had to share an office and I are office spaces look totally different, but it was a great job for newlyweds. I mean, we work everyday together. It was really incredible. But I'll never forget a conversation that I had with their Pastor Reverend Terry Brown. He was just an old-school Presbyterian Pastor. He was a nice guy. We didn't always get along but I was the youth pastor. I don't think that's possible. And so one time we had a conversation about baptism. We were teaching Amanda station confirmation, and I know she remembers us too and he said baptism is an outward sign of the sealed God has made with us. a seal of the new and Everlasting Covenant Presbyterians were big on this idea of it being a sign and a seal. And I really fell in love with that language. That this was a sign of what God was doing and a steel to the world what he has done. Now, of course we eat we say things a little different here. That is kind of say it's an outward sign of an inward Grace. Basically the same thing but I like the idea of being a sign and the Seal of the Church of England the anglicans. What's a Sacrament or an outward and visible sign of an Inward and spiritual Grace? So regardless of what we believe about baptism is let me tell you there are different views on everything in the Christian church. Everybody seems to have an opinion. I like the more lean on the side of it's a mystery with God. I don't try to pretend to be to know all the answers. God is God and I'm not and when I get to heaven, maybe I'll want to know some of these these answers after all. I'm so mixed up after all the different cemeteries Bible colleges. I've been to I've had 20 different perspectives and sometimes people really don't like that. They said what you really need to be focused then on one belief system. I don't agree with that. I agree that God puts us all together. We're all unique in this room. We all coming from a different backgrounds and churches and I think it's beautiful. I think that's what the Kingdom of Heaven is going to look like. But I think all Christians. can agree that when we believe in Christ when we put our faith in Jesus Christ and him crucified and him risen from the grave that we have a sign and a seal what God is doing in our lives. That God has redeemed us from our sin. They got is redeeming us from our sin that God died on the cross for us. And it's a seal to the world that we believe in him. You know what when I was like 13 years old and and I stood before Luling United Methodist Church, and I told them that I believe in Jesus Christ and I confirm and I somehow do you have gone through confirmation? And I think it is so important for youth to be able to own for themselves that they believe in Jesus. It's no longer the faith of their parents. I am not a Christian because my mom and dad were Christians. And for some adults they're still at that stage. I've met baby Christians and their 80s and 90s who had never confirmed for themself. They believe in Jesus. Now if that's one of you this morning, I don't know. But I just challenged you if it is, before the church testify to the church that you believe in Christ as your lord and savior. We're tired of these next verses.

That we have received a spirit of wisdom and revelation. Look at things are 19 since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and your love for all God's people. This is the reason that I don't stop giving thanks to God for you. When I remember you in my prayers. Now. This isn't in my script this morning, but notice what he says here. He says I heard about your faith in Christ and your love for all God's people. There's not a separation there. If you love Jesus you love God's people. It's loving God and loving people all the time doesn't matter if we like them. We really like them or not. We have to love them.

I pray that the god of our Lord Jesus Christ. The father of Glory will give you a spirit of wisdom and Revelation that makes God known to you. And I pray that the eyes of your heart will have enough light to see what is the hope of God's ball. What is the written richness of God's glorious inheritance among believers? And what is the overwhelming greatness of God's power that is working Among Us believers. this power Is confirmed by the energy of God's powerful strength?

Regardless of what we believe I really kind of take one take away from this. The first says you're in the first couple verses. That we need a spirit of wisdom and Revelation that makes God known to you. No, I'm this church. We probably would call this prevenient Grace the grace that comes before that. We we can not because of our sinfulness know who God is. Now can I just say it's a mystery I say that without the proclamation of his word without the sacraments without the church. It would be extremely difficult for us as people of God to ever know him because we're you know, you go back to Genesis and and we learned that there's original sin there. We learned that people are sinful. Now look look at the world around us if we disagree that the road Ascend. We're not looking at the same thing. We need the Holy Spirit the calm down and convince us to go before the king. We can't do it on our own.

We need fryst. We need the Holy Spirit. and the next couple versus here

It says that the power is conferred by the energy of God strength when I think of the Holy Spirit. I think of this book Does anybody read this book? One of my favorite books with another Francis Chan book called The Forgotten God. And what Francis Chan says is it the holy spirit is like the red-headed stepchild of the trinity. Because we and a lot of churches. We don't like to talk about the Holy Spirit and we're pretty scared of the Holy Spirit. Have you ever been to it? I charismatic church or a Revival and you feel the Holy Spirit going in you? Sometimes you get you think you do. It's called being slain in the spirit. And and for some people that's a really scary experience and I fight it Amanda and I got to go growing up to the charismatic renewal of the Catholic Church. Now let me tell you if you go in a room full of Catholics priests and their collars nuns and their speaking in tongues. That is an odd experience is a Protestant growing up. And I didn't really know what to think of the first time. I went a couple times and I would go back. It's an incredible experience. the Holy Spirit when we become Christians, it tells us that there is a change in us. That doesn't mean you have to speak in tongues. I don't speak in tongues, but there is a change there's a gifting that God gives us and he gave the early church. again So we're going to come we're going to look at 1st. Corinthians is a lot of scriptures this morning to try to leave together. But this is proof that when we become Believers in Jesus. That we have a gift that he gives us there different spiritual gifts, but the Same Spirit. There are different Ministries and the same lord and there are different activities with the same guy.

A demonstration of the spirit is given to each person for the common good for the sizes and each body of faith. All of these gifts are represented somewhere.

Are you going to go to the list a word of wisdom is given by the spirit of one person? There's somebody here this morning that is beyond wise and all regards. A word of knowledge to another according to the Same Spirit. Faith to still another by The Same Spirit the gift of healing to another. performance of Miracles to another prophecy to another the ability to tell Spirits apart from one another different kinds of tongues to another and see the next one here and the gift of interpretation. So what we're told is each body of someone is speaking in tongues. There should be an interpreter. All these things are produced by the one and Same Spirit who gives what he wants to each person.

Which body of Christ is given the gifts of the Spirit. So this morning we have to ask ourselves one. Do we confess to God that we accept his inheritance that we accept his free gift. And once we do do we accept that the holy spirit will gift I somehow for the body of Christ. So again, I really feel great that I have set from this Pulpit No One retires from Ministry no matter how old you are, right? And there are many of you are that are a few decades older than me. That still work all the time almost like this the whole time job and I love it. It's great and How is the holy spirit using those gifts?

And our next few last Point here. We are under the power and authority of Christ. . We're not under any other authority versus 22 23 God's power was at work and Christ when God raised him from the dead and sat him and at God's right side in the heavens. So we got to think about this. Jesus was dead and became alive.

I mean, we believe that this morning.

Do we believe that Jesus rose from the dead because that that is contrary to what the world is telling us. It's contrary to what people are saying about Christians that it was all made up. know Jesus rose from the dead far above every ruler and authority and Power in Angelic power any power that might be named not only now but in the future

Top 2019 is not exempt. David everything under crisis feet and made him the head of everything in the church. Which is his body his body the church. That's us. Is the fullness of Christ who fills everything in every way?

As Believers in Christ and his church, we have to recognize that we have received an inheritance that we had to guess from the Holy Spirit and that's power and authority. That only comes from Jesus.

And personally I could care less what the world is telling us because our Authority comes from Christ.

No, church Authority. No political party. No governments has authority over the church. No, not saying we should do things that are corrupt, but that's not the purpose of the church right purpose of the church as we watch this morning. The video is care for the poor in the widows and those in need to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And the early Saints of the church went through extreme persecution so that we this morning can be here. the worship Him Now all of us this morning, we got an extra hour of sleep. So we need more than any other Sunday should be really excited and really fulfilled to be in this place. But we have to recognize that we are under the feet of Christ because when we do it tells us in Luke 1:37 that nothing is impossible for God. So I find that churches that Grant permission are the churches that are thriving and growing. I never want to be a church that feels that we have to tell people no. So that's just not in my nature. I think we as a church again had all been gifted with different Spirits from the Holy Spirit different gifts and talents and skills and abilities. So you have to ask yourself this morning. If you're not currently active doing something which is how it's a minority everyone here seems to be involved in something. Where is God calling you to serve the church? Address our church with the church. How is God calling you at 11 inheritance? for the next generation of Christians I think about it. In this way.

Are child right now? We have one right now second one on the way.

I am going to do my very best to prepare him for when he hit 18 years old, which I know will be here sooner than I know it because he's 4 years old rights. We got 14 more years in the house. So I don't have a lot but every month I put money aside for him to go to school one day. I hope I can at least pay for Community College. That would be great. I every day we try to the teach our child what it is to be a good person because they're not going to learn that from anybody else. I believe it might have a community around them, but he's with us with our responsibility.

When he has 18, I hope that I can send him off to be a good faithful man of God. If I'm able to do that as bad, then I feel that my job was well done. Now as the church, we have a similar responsibility. We have received the inheritance this morning according to Saint Paul from the early church from the Saints on All Saints Sunday. We have received this congregation in our trust. to be faithful with So we have to prepare we have to accept the gift in from the Holy Spirit. Prepare that next generation. And we have to be reminded that we have the right and Authority by Jesus. Often as people. Sometimes we're just looking for permission. I don't know. I can't tell you how many times I have felt that I just needed permission from somebody to do XYZ. Well. As a good father when my son has 18. I hope he knows he has my permission right to go out and and be a man of God and so we have to be like early church. We have to the grant permission. We have to know that Jesus is first and when we do I think the church will be the church. It's sad right that there are so many Christian churches closing. There are so many Ministries. I mean there was a Christian College that closed down this past week. And so their students were till next semester you don't you don't have a place to go. And so my school that I graduated from actually open the doors and said we will take your privates but these are pastors going into the ministry and they're told their schools closing. So this is affecting all of us. And so I hope as I First United Methodist Church. That we just continue to be people that claim Jesus first. No matter what the world says that we claim whatever gift the Lord has given you. And use it don't let it sit still because in order to develop skills, we have to use our skills. I wasn't band when I was in elementary school and middle school for a little bit. I play Trombone and I didn't practice as much as I should and so I don't know how to play any instrument because I didn't use it. So what's that? Tell us a guy gives you a gift better use it. and lastly know our Authority forgot you got to and so are we we mentioned the Great Commission at the beginning of this message to go therefore into the world making disciples of Jesus Christ. I want within 12 months. I hope wouldn't it be incredible each person here made one disciple. So, I don't know there's like 70 80 of us. each of us made one disciple Will it be a different world wouldn't be a different community? I was prey. almighty God

help us be your people.

God let us be bold. And acknowledging to the world that we belong to you that we are your children. That we have received the inheritance of your blessing. Help us acknowledge our giftings from the holy spirit that you tell us in 1st Corinthians that you have given each of us a unique gift. Help us. Use those gifts for your will.

And lastly God help us as the church. not look for the okay of anyone, but you God you are our Authority. You are our protector and sustainer. God help us be like the early church fighting the good fight. I'm not taking no for an answer. So that we can leave an inheritance the next generation of Christians. Help us be the church. And we pray this in Christ's name Inman.

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