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Pentecost -The Heralding Message

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Making the transition from the significance of the feast to the actual activity of the day we find the text teaching us through the extraordinary events of this harvest feast.  We know that there are penalties that stand out from a Historical point of view.

Old Testament                                                                     New Testament

50 days after Passover                                                            50 days after the death of Christ

Moses was the law giver                                                         Apostles will be the chosen spokesman

Moses had the miracle of a 40 day fast being                        Apostles will have the miracle of being with the

With God                                                                                Lord 40 days

Law came by the finger of God.                                            The Spirit of God came in cloven tongues like as

                                                                                                of fire.

Lord visited Mt. Sinai and descended upon it                        Lord visited Zion in a flame, sound, power

in fire – The whole mountain quaked violently

Sound of the trumpet grew louder and louder         

Betrayal of the God of Deliverance                                       Betrayal of the God of Deliverance

- Acted unholy and made an Idol                                           - Acted unholy and made their own religious system

- Turned aside the wave of Egypt                                          - Killed the Messiah who had done no wrong

It was on the day of Pentecost that God’s sovereign timetable called for the Spirit to descend, we deed to know especially that the Spirit was not induced into coming because the believers prayed, tarried, or met certain spiritual requirements. The purpose of this lesson is to understand the historical, contextual, and cultural significance of Pentecost so that we appreciate and participate in honoring God right now for all that He does.

It is in the Plan of God to reap a harvest from the seed of Jesus Christ who had been sown in the lives of men and women all over Jerusalem.  Every component in this text has an express purpose including the Giving of Spirit.  What we know is this chapter refers to two measures of the Spirit of God.

  1. The Indwelling Measure
    1. Jn. 7:37-39
    2. Eph. 1:13-14
    3. Acts 5:32 (result of obedience)
  2. The Miraculous Measure of the Spirit of God
    1. Referred to as the Comforter.  Jn. 14:16
    2. Would be the means for which they could function as a representative of Christ Jn. 14:25-26
    3. He was the helper Jn. 4:25-26
    4. He will teach you all things.
    5. He will bring to remembrance all that he had said
    6. I have said to you. Jn. 14:26
    7. He will disclose, guide, speak to you Jn.16:13-15

I.                   Promised to Chosen Men

A.    Given to a specific group of men.

1.      Apostles

2.      Chosen

3.      Given Orders

4.      Shown Himself alive after His suffering by many convincing proofs.

5.      Appeared to them over 40 day period.

6.      Could not leave Jerusalem

B.     Given by Christ

1.      The reception of the baptism is by Jesus Christ

2.      Jesus was the baptizer

3.      He said He must first ascend then deliver the comforter.

4.      It was to replace his presence.

5.      Jesus was the Healer, Raiser of the dead, Long Distance miracle man so the Apostles had to do the same.

II.                Purpose of the Spirit  Acts 1:5

A.    They were to be witnesses.

B.     Specific mission for specific men

C.     Every time the word witness is used in the book of Acts, it is always attributed to the Apostles.

D.    In order for them to accomplish this purpose they had to have the power of God.

III.             Power of the Spirit.  Acts 1:8

A.    It was promised to the Apostles.

B.     It was received by the Apostles.

C.     It was demonstrated by the Apostles.

1.      Speaking in other languages.

2.      Miraculous activity by the Apostles.

3.      Imparting a gift for the edifying of the church by the Apostles

D.    Superior to the false wonders that are demonstrated today.

1.      Acts 3:7-8                                           Peter

2.      Acts 5:12-16                                       Peter   

3.      Acts 9:32-35                                       Peter

4.      Acts 9:36-42                                       Peter

5.      Acts 14:8-10                                       Paul

6.      Acts 19:11-12                                     Paul

7.      Acts 20:9-12                                       Paul

E.     The Apostles had an overwhelming excessive measure of the Spirit of God as chosen by Christ and in order for this power to be imparted to another it had be by the hands of an Apostle.

1.      Acts 8:18

2.      Acts 19:6

In Conclusion, the coming of the Spirit on the Harvest feast was a set up for reaping fruit in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the Earth.

            Jerusalem                                                                               The Apostles


            Judea                                                                                      The Apostles


Samaria                                                                                   Administered by the hands of Apostles first on Philip then others


            Uttermost Parts                                                                      Paul and then others.

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