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The purpose of the lesson is to learn how the Samaritan woman shared her faith in order to strengthen our efforts and do more for the evangelistic efforts of the kingdom. 

This lesson is geared to provoke our immediate and continuous efforts in sowing the seed of Christ Jesus.

The hurt of the woman.  He uses her physical thirst and efforts at the well to address a different kind of thirst.  The idea of thirst was that it was the greatest kind of lack that person could have. Especially in a dry arid, desert climate, but this thirst typified who this woman was.  She had a void that was her frame work for living.  She was living, reasoning and reacting based on a nature that was fuel by thirst. She had a lack and a longing that could not be filled by the way of the world. Her thirst was like those who are said to thirst who painfully feel their want of, and eagerly long for, those things by which the soul is refreshed, supported, strengthened. She had an: ache, crave, hanker, hunger, itch, lust, pine, yearn, yen; related words covet; desire, wish

Figuratively “passionate longing for a spiritual good” (Mt. 5:6), especially salvation (Jn. 7:37). This longing is met in Christ (Jn. 4:14; 6:35).   The idea that giving drink to the thirsty is an act that is pleasing to God is common in the ancient Near East. For a figurative use in the OT cf. Am. 8:11; Ps. 42:2.

This hurting woman had three manifestations of her thirst;

A.        She was a socially ostracized

B.        She had a situational conflict

C.        She was spiritually confused

The message from the lord was penetrating to the very core of her being.  He was dealing with the first, the void that had been calm her paradigm for living and in doing so he offered her when he offers men to this very day.  He gave her the word of god.  His message was revealing to her situation.  His message was rebuking to her spirit.  And his message was relevant to her soul.

A.        His words were relevant to her soul. C’mon

B.        His words were revealing of this situation.

C.        His words were rebuke King to her spirit.

Because of the impact of the Christ to her calls she took the healing and became his herald.  It is by nature of its desire the motivation of the mission to declare the dynamic change from the Christ!  What we see taking place is the illustrated harvest principle.  From one seed, dead, planted in the germinating power of the word and budding and bringing forth Fruit.

Notice the principle that work: number one; he sold into the life of this Samaritan woman, and reaped a messenger to his cause. Number two; look at the glory of the harvest principle.  And interesting side note is that she became an illustration of the harvest principle at work.  Jesus sold into the woman’s life.  The woman sold into the Samaritans life.  Later we would see Phillip reaping what if they had so.  All of this was illustrating what Jesus wanted the apostles to see in the coming of the men of Samaria.


OT Old Testament

cf. confer, compare

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