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In the effort to cultivate excellence in “team work” and our own, personal contributions to this effort we will be learning the 17 qualities of a team player. These brief lessons are intended to be devotional thoughts that will remind us of our objective though the month.

Let’s begin by defining the word team. A team is a group of people working together for a common end insight with a fixed understanding that what is done individually is for the purpose of the whole (team) and the goal (of the team).

Our purpose in the evangelism ministry is to empower the church for the development of relationships that strengthened through rapport. Thereby, enabling the revelation of God’s will in to the life of the seeker; allowing Christ to be seen, taught, exposed and exhibited. These result in our participation in the scheme of redemption and the continuation of Christianity in our community.

We do this by:1. Administrative excellence 2. Corresponding excellence 3. Teaching excellence

Quality #1 Adaptable   Adapt means to make suitable, especially by changing; to adjust (oneself) to new circumstances; able to adjust or to be adjusted.

It has been rightly stated that team work and personal rigidity just don’t mix. If you want to work well with others and be a good team player, you have to be willing to adapt yourself to your team.

“Highly adaptable people are masters of change: adept at reorienting their own and others’ activities in untried directions to bring about higher levels of achievement.”

The characteristics of adaptive people:


  1. They are Teachable. – This trait means that they can or will be hungry for growth, knowledge, and insight. Teachable people look for development.
  2. They are Emotionally Secure. -This trait means that they are free from fear, care etc… of seeing others as threats to their contribution or role. Secure people aren’t made nervous or bitter by change itself.
  3. They are Creative. - This trait means that they are able to bring a new thought into existence. They are inventive. They are stimulated in the imagination! Creative people find ways to make things happen.

Quincy Jones said, “A person’s age can be determined by the degree of pain he experiences when he comes in to contact with a new idea.”

When difficult times come adaptable people find a way!

4. They are Service Minded. - This trait teaches us that people who are focused on themselves are less likely to make changes for the team. People who serve are more likely to make changes for the team.  We must remember that we are called to serve!

So What? What do I do to be more adaptable?


Get in the practice of learning!

Reevaluate your role. Think about your role and examine whether you are doing all that you can or whether you could fulfill another role as well or better!

Think outside the box! Never settle for a negative rut! Start asking “How can we get it done?”

Conclusion:  Our ability to continue to empower the church and demonstrate ministry can only be accomplished by team work. Good, effective and excellent team work starts with adaptable team players.

Meditation text: Prov. 2:1-10; Jn. 1:14; 1 Cor. 9:19-23

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