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We live in a culture that says everything is ok.
You can do anything… there are no absolutes… no right or wrongs.
Abortion has become another means of birth control.
13 year olds are sexually active.
You can do anything you want to on the wide road.
You can do whatever you want to do because there are no right or wrongs except for the people that say there are.
Culture says it’s ok for your children to have multiple sexual encounters without you knowing about it.
And if they have a baby, they can have an abortion without you even knowing about it.
They have to have your permission to take an advil, but they can have an abortion without you knowing.
Culture says it’s ok for you to do just enough to get by on your job… to take longer breaks… not go in when you are supposed to.
The consequences to the wide road are destructive.
Let me give you some of them.
The wide road leads to broken health.
When you are running on the wide road, it’s only a matter of time before your health breaks… your body breaks down.
You cannot work all the time… run a frantic pace all the time from one activity to another and expect to live a long, healthy life.
stroke, ulcers, heart attack, upset stomach, panic attacks… you might be sick a lot.
Parents that ignore their kids while they are growing up will pay the price later.
Parents that do not have their kids in church but have them everywhere else will pay the price… one day.
The wide road leads to broken dreams.
Sometime you get so busy surviving, you lose sight of your dreams.
Maybe you wanted to be a doctor, nurse, lawyer or an educator, but life got busy… you had kids… and you lost sihgt of your dreams.
Now you don’t even dream anymore.
The wide road leads to broken wallets.
You get caught up trying to keep up with everyone else and you are in more debt than you can ever pay off.
Student loans are killing people financially.
The wide road leads to broken relationships.
We just do what pleases us with no regard for others and we ruin relationships.
For many people work becomes their mistress.
Living together is at an all time high and divorce is still way too high.
The wide road will lead to broken values.
Eventually, you will fall for the “no absolutes” mindset and your life will not stand for anything.
We are becoming or really have become a society that does not believe in absolute truth.
According to a survey, 70% of adult American Christians believe there are no moral or ethical absolutes that apply to everyone.
Most Christians have joined the non-Christian culture and believe we set our own standards.
In essence this survey reveals that 70% of Adult American Christians have decided that God is not capable or worthy of establishing guidelines for living.
In a similar survey only 20 % of Adult American Christians said that living a life according to God’s will is the single most important thing in their lives.
So, the flip side is that 80% of Adult American Christians are telling God to take a number.
Popular opinion says that is doesn’t matter what religion you follow as long as that person is sincere and as long as they don’t try to force it on me.
So as long as you try to do good, you are ok.
That’s not what God says.
We don’t have to take the wide road.
Jesus said that we can choose the narrow path.
We can live God’s way and walk the narrow path in an interstate culture.
How do we do that?
How do we develop that kind of trust in the Lord?
We have to put our trust in God.
We have to trust God and not our own hearts, minds… guts.
Trusting in God means that we understand and trust that He knows what we need to do… what’s the best choice for us to make in each situation of our lives.
Sometimes what God tells us to do doesn’t make sense to lost people.
They don’t know why you get up and read an old book, pray to something, go to church when you could do something else and they sure don’t understand why you give to God.
We bring our decisions to the Lord in prayer asking for His guidance trusting that he will make our way clear.
How do we develop that kind of trust in the Lord?
We learn to trust the Lord by getting to know him.
You can’t trust someone without getting to know them.
During the cold war, we hated Russia and they hated us.
When communism fell and you could go, people began to get to know each other.
Today we talk about collusion.
I wish that our president played gold with both Putin and Xi every week… then maybe we would not put our kids in harms way in a senseless war.
We learn to trust the Lord by spending time with him.
(Luke 10:38-42; John 12:1-8)
The disciples learned to trust and love Jesus because they spent a lot of time with him.
We have to do the same thing.
ILL - Think about when you met your wife… you spent every minute you could together.
2. We must commit our lives totally to the Lord.
(Pro 3:6)
all you do = derek - specific opportunities we face every day.
Seek (yada) NIV Acknowledge - means to seek direct contact.
He is saying that we are to seek direct contact with the Lord in every opportunity and situation we face every day.
If we maintain direct contact with the Lord, He will direct our paths toward fruitful, life giving endeavors.
We must fear the Lord and stay away from evil.
(Pro 3:7)
The fear of the Lord is to submit to God and to avoid evil.
We worship the Lord because he is high and separated from everything else, but he is with us and in us at the same time.
We are to fear the lord in healthy ways…
4. We must give to the Lord.
(Pro 3:9)
First Fruits - best part.
It’s the practice of giving to God first… before everything else.
This helps us conquer greed etc.
But mainly it show us and others that God is first in our lives.
So what happens when we trust the Lord, when we commit to him, when we fear him and stay away from evil, when we generously give to him?
What happens?
God’s Promises
1. God will give us supernatural direction.
(Pro 3:6)
God gives us supernatural direction through the Bible.
(Ps 119:105)
He speaks to us through his word.
God gives us supernatural direction through godly people.
In Exodus 18, Moses father in law gave him godly advice.
Moses was doing everything himself and his father in law helped him to organize.
God gives us supernatural direction through circumstances.
God opens and closes doors through circumstances.
God gives us supernatural direction through the Holy Spirit.
2. God will give us supernatural protection.
(Pro 3:8)
There was a medical study done that showed that people of faith went to the doctor for some type of ailment only half as much as those were not Believers.
People of faith who attend church live 5.2 years longer than those who don’t.
3. God will give us supernatural provision.
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