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When a Willing Heart Gives

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When a Willing Heart Gives (Exodus 25:1; 35:4-29; 36:3-7)

God's people normally bring their gifts with planned regularity. But on special occasions God desires a single great day of giving by His people. The gifts for constructing the tabernacle marked the first great day of giving. As we anticipate our harvest day, God can instruct us from the timeless principles behind one great day of giving.

When a Willing Heart Gives, God Recommends the Motivation of the Givers

Worshipfulness of giving marks God's people. The "offering" indicates what a person separated from his own property and marked as sacred to God. It was called a "wave offering" (35:22) because the worshiper waved it in the air before God. It was called a "heave offering" because it was literally heaved or lifted upon the altar. Giving to God is first an act of worship.

Willingness of giving marks God's people. The single characteristic most noted in the passage is that of the people's willingness (25:1; 35:5, 21, 22, 29). Literally, every man's heart "drove him to give." No obedience is pleasing to God unless it is voluntary (2 Cor. 9:7).

Your giving to the harvest day should be in worship and free-hearted joy.

When a Willing Heart Gives, God Commends the Participation of the Givers

Reflectiveness marks that participation (35:20). Each person returned from the assembly to his tent to meditate on what he should give. Their liberality was premeditated, not impulsive. God desires planned giving, not impulsive.

Inclusiveness marks that participation. Second only to the freewill character of the gifts, the word emphasizes the inclusiveness of the givers and the gifts. All the people gave—the men, women, and the chief leader. All kinds of gifts were given. Some were so poor they only gave goat hair (35:23). Some were so rich they could give precious stones. It was not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice (Eph. 4:15).

When a Willing Heart Gives, God Enjoys the Lavishness of Giving

Out of eagerness, the people brought their gifts persistently, "every morning" (36:3). They brought so much that more was given than needed. Moses had to stop the offering. The people had to be restrained from giving (v. 5). This generosity often marks the willing heart (Matt. 26:7; Phil. 4:14-16

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