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A man on the run Wrestles with God

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A Man on the Run Wrestles with God (Genesis 32:22-32)

Our generation lives "on the run." Jacob lived like that. He was literally born "on the run," trying to outdo his brother, Esau. He ran from Esau, his brother. He ran from Laban, his father-in-law. He was really running from himself. Yet a time came when he ran out of resources and ran into God. That night witnessed a life-changing wrestling match.

A Man on the Run Will Come to the End of His Resources

A person without resources can prevail with God in prayer, changing his nature and his situation. "Jacob was left alone" (v. 24). After a lifetime on the run, Jacob ran out of resources. In that moment, he was left alone with God. Anxious fear, darkness, loneliness confronted him. His physical situation at the Jabbok River and his family's absence underscored his loneliness. God can stop every person on the run and confront that person with his lack of resources.

A Man on the Run May Encounter God in Prevailing Prayer

A mysterious, night hour Visitor wrestled with Jacob. It is really uncertain who was wrestling with whom. Jacob wrestled with a visible manifestation of the invisible God. Jacob's redeeming character trait was an indomitable, undeniable desire to know the blessing of God. Jacob prevailed, but the Visitor marked Jacob with a blow to his thigh. God wanted Jacob to know that he was in the match with a power greater than Jacob that marked him for life. Jacob decidedly determined not to let go until God blessed him.

A Man on the Run May Experience a Changed Life Through Prevailing Prayer

Jacob had to own who he really was, a trickster and deceiver (v. 27). When he had owned who he was, he could disown who he was and become someone new. God changed his name and nature, and assured him of future victory with God and man. Yet there was an element of mystery in it all beyond any human explanation (v. 29). Anyone can experience a change in nature and situation through an encounter with God in prayer.

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