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The Geometry of Love

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The Geometry of Love (Ephesians 3:14-19)

Would you desire the very best prayer to pray for yourself or for our church fellowship? Your lips could find no richer words than these. This prayer is perhaps the most fervent, comprehensive, and sublime prayer in the Bible.

God can give you inner strength to comprehend His love and to experience the fullness of God.

Strength to Love Begins with New Power in the Inner Person

The power necessary to love begins through prayer. More than anything else, we need an infusion of the power, might, strength, and force of God. Paul combines words which emphasize the dynamic energy of God's power along with its inherent strength.

The place in which we need that power is the "inner person." This phrase indicates our whole, conscious, personal being—the secret spring of action in every person. We must experience that renewal daily (2 Cor. 4:16), because we are in a war between our inner being and the members of our body (Rom. 7:22).

The proportion by which God gives strength is nothing less than His "riches in glory." God does not give in proportion to our capacity or need, but His own perfection. We should not ask timidly as if we would strain the resources of God.

The person of Christ is thus truly at home in our heart. Paul does not refer to His initial, converting presence, but His permanent reigning presence, that He might be truly at home and not just a guest.

Strength to Love Grows with a New Comprehension of Christ's Love for Us

There is á necessary preparation before we understand Christ's love for us. We must be "rooted and grounded" in our love for Him. We should be rooted like a tree in the soil of Christian love and founded like a building on the firm ground of love. Only love understands love. If you do not love Christ, you cannot understand His love for you.

There is a joint participation of all Christians as we understand Christ's love for us "with all the saints." One who fails to fellowship with God's people cannot grasp Christ's love.

There is an eternal exploration of Christ's love for us. We will spend forever seeking to know the unknowable and to measure the immeasurable. Paul speaks of the divine geometry of love: the extent of its breadth, the eternal duration of its length, the divinity of its height, and the humanity of its depth.

Strength to Love Finally Fills the Believer with the Fullness of God

For eternity we are to be "filled to the brim" with the totality of God's riches that can be given to the believer. We are "partakers of the divine nature" (2 Pet. 1:4, KJV). Forever we are to receive until the limit of our capacity has been reached. Nevertheless, the distance between us and God will still be infinite.

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