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Living a servant life

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Living a Servant Life (John 13)

John Naisbitt, in the international best-seller, Megatrends, predicted that our nation is moving toward a "service economy." Jesus moved His people toward a service economy long before. John 1–12 presents the public teaching of Jesus. John 13 opens the private teaching of our Lord for His own. The very first item of that private instruction is the necessity of service. Jesus gives the supreme example of how a servant loves and how love serves.

Authentic Service Ignores the Usual Arguments About Greatness

The twelve entered the room of the last supper disputing about whom among them was the greatest. They jostled for the best seats near Jesus at the Passover meal. They ignored the common practice of volunteering to wash the street filth from one another's feet.

You cannot have the spirit of a servant as long as you measure greatness by secular standards (Luke 22:24ff).

Authentic Service Avoids the Usual Excuses About Service

In light of the circumstances, Jesus had more excuses for distraction and neglect of service than anyone else. He faced the betrayal and the cross. Yet He served to the uttermost.

A real servant acts when others neglect to serve, and a real servant acts in spite of prerogatives not to serve. A real servant acts in spite of distractions in the midst of service.

Authentic Service Acts on the Immediate Need in a Remarkable Manner

Disciples always washed the feet of their master. It was unprecedented for a master to wash the feet of his disciples. In a remarkable manner, Jesus demonstrated service to the uttermost.

Authentic service takes the initiative and addresses the real need of the moment. Authentic Christian service always has a fuller significance than the moment. Every act of service points toward Christ's ultimate act of service on the cross. This keeps Christian service from merely being "do-gooders." List the arenas and circumstances in your life for immediate initiative of practice service.

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