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A Taste of new wine

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A Taste of New Wine (John 2:1-11)

Jesus' first miracle took place at a wedding in a tiny, remote village of His homeland. This miracle is a "sign" that points beyond itself to greater truth. It reveals to us the glory of Jesus. Jesus transforms mere religion into an exhilarating taste of new life.

The First Sign Reveals the Personal Concern of Jesus

Jesus stands with us in our joy. It is telling that He should be a desired guest at a wedding. People desired His presence on all occasions of life, whether grief (John 11) or joy.

We can approach Jesus at every level of need. The lack of wine at a biblical wedding was a social disaster that would haunt the family for a lifetime. Although some would see it as trivial, He saw it as tremendous. Our personal needs are not trivial to Him.

The First Sign Reveals the Spiritual Priority of Jesus

Christ relates to us a spiritual Savior before anything else. His curious reply to Mary, His mother (v. 4a), changes their relationship from son-mother to Savior-sinner. If this is the case with Mary, it is certainly the case with everyone else.

Christ deals with us according to His own timing. He said and sometimes says, "My time has not yet come" (v. 4b). As He moved toward His own cross, He walked with an acute sense of timing. As He directs our lives, He does no less today.

We can trust Christ when He is aware of our needs. Mary simply left the situation in His hands (v. 5). She had a sense that He would do the right thing, whatever.

The First Sign Reveals the Transforming Power of Jesus

Jesus transforms empty religious forms into living faith. The six stone water pots represent the emptiness of Jewish religion in Jesus' time. "Six" suggests something short of completeness. Everything Judaism could do was "filled up to the brim." Jesus radically and abundantly changed the situation. Out of the meaningless forms He brought a taste of new life.

Jesus does save the best for last. That is as true now as it was then. You can turn to Him with the assurance that He is the One who makes all things new.

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