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Spiritual Gifts 3: Your Place in the Body

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Reading: Romans 12:3-5
so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. Romans 12:5 (NIV)

I.   Don’t Overestimate yourself

     A.  You’re not a Superman/woman

           1.  I/you aren’t more important than others

           2.  I/you can’t do everything!

           3.  It’s not your/my job to save the world!

     B.  Be Realistic

           1.  “Don’t be higher thinking than it is necessary to think but think what is sound thinking.”

           2.  Don’t think too highly of yourself; be sane!

     C.  In accordance with your Faith

           1.  Not 1st: abilities, gifts, experiences.

                 a.  Your importance isn’t about doing stuff

                 b.  Not about how long you’ve been here

           2.  Look at yourself in terms of your faith

                 a.  Your value to the Church is measured by how much faith you have.

           3.  God has given faith to “each” (not just you)

II.  We have different Functions

     A.  We have Many members

           1.  There isn’t one template for membership

                 a.  God doesn’t use cookie cutters.

           2.  Personality types–all types in ministry

                 a.  Many different types of people

                 b.  All types as pastors ?!

                 c.  It takes all kinds ! ;-)

           3.  No cult of personality in the church!!!

     B.  We have Different functions

           1.  Don’t copy another’s ministry!

           2.  You’re not supposed to do what so and so does–you do what you’re supposed to do!

     C.  Nobody gets All the fun

           1.  The Church has more to do than one person can ever do!

           2.  By God’s design we all get to make a real and significant contribution!

           3.  You have an essential part to play!

III. We are one Body

     A.  We are One in Christ

           1.  E Pluribus Unum–not just a national slogan

           2.  We’re one in Christ–not by uniformity!

           3.  In Christ

                 a.  Because we become one with Him and therefore with each other

                 b.  Because we have a common purpose– to serve Him.

                 c.  Mostly because of what He does with us–He forms us into one body

     B.  We Belong to each other

           1.  Lit. we are members of each other–parts of each other.

           2.  We may not “lord it over” others

           3.  Nor withhold ourselves from each other

The Bottom Line:

Find Contentment in being One member of the one Body of Christ.

I will respond to God today by: ____________________

R#545 I Love Your Kingdom Lord, vv. 2, 3
"I used to think, that Gods gifts were on shelves one above another and the taller we grow, The easier we can reach them. Now I find, that Gods gifts are on shelves one beneath another and the lower we stoop, The more we get." F. B. Meyer

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