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37(Haggai 1,01-15) Time to Work

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Illus: guy who heard about vacation cruise for $100. Hit over head, thrown into river.

INTRODUCTION: Background - (Ezra). They had grown discouraged, distracted. Result was priorities were mixed up and God’s work wasn’t getting done.

I.    Revelation of the Message (v. 1a)

A.    Heavenly Authenticity - God gave the message; it was God's Word.

B.    Human Ambassador  - Haggai delivered the message of God's Word.

1.     God always has a Man and He always has a Plan.

2.     God's people should be careful to reverence God's Word & respect God's man.

3.     Heb. 13:17 Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.

C.    Hesitant Audience.

1.     The Prince, Zerubbabel - ...the governor of Judah...

2.     The Priest, Joshua - ...the high priest...

3.     The People - this people...

II.  Rebuke in the Message (vv. 2b – 4)

A.    Rebuked for Discouragement (2b)

1.     Because of a limited amount of material.

2.     Because of a limited amount of manpower - (remnant).

3.     What is God calling you to do today that you have been putting off?

4.     Excuses come so easily; Satan will keep you a steady supply of them.

B.    Rebuked for Distraction (4)

1.     We too often seek our own pleasure, rather than the pleasure of God.

        "We don't have enough people to do anything."

        "We don't have enough money to do anything."

2.     Such attitudes dishonor God.

        God is tired of his people saying they don’t have time for Him.

        He is tired of people making excuses for not serving Him.

        He is tired of people choosing pleasures of this world over Him!

3.     Such attitudes disgrace His church.

        This is how you get a lukewarm church.

        This is how you get your candlestick removed.

4.     Mat. 6:21  For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

5.     Mat. 6:33  But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

6.     All they were interested in was themselves. They had fine homes, but God’s house was in ruins.

7.     When it comes to God’s house, God’s business, whatever is left over he gets.

8.     Our time, our money becomes more important than God.

III. Reflection by the Message (vv. 5-7).

A.    Consider our Reactions (5,7).

1.     How do we react when there is a need expressed?

2.     How do we react when a new effort is being started?

3.     Slow down and take inventory. Examine your life. Where are you headed?

B.    Consider Our Rewards (6,9-11)

1.     All our extra efforts, and still we see little from it. (6a)

2.     We buy the best things, and still they don’t satisfy. (6b)

3.     People today are working themselves to death. (6c)

        They don’t even have time to come to church anymore, or work in the church.

        Why? Because they can never make enough money.

*      If you are His child, you will never get ahead by neglecting His work for yours.

C.    Consider God’s Restraints (9-11).

1.     We can easily trick the preacher or deacon, but who can fight with God? (9-11)

2.     Well that's the Pastor's job - Deacon's job.  It is not our's alone! I feed and lead, but you neither eat nor follow.

3.     If you don’t, whatever you do will dry up and blow away.

        And most importantly, HE will fight against us!!! (11)

D.    Consider the Remedy (8a).

1.     Go up to the mountain. Quit being lazy and uninvolved!

2.     First, rebuild the house of God in your personal life. Rebuild His temple.

        Make it sure with the foundation of the Holy Spirit.

        Make it strong with the protective wall of the Word of God.

        Nail it together with faith and trust in Him.

3.     God will take pleasure in your commitment.

4.     What motivates you?

IV. The Response to the Message (vv. 12-15)

A.    Notice what they did (12)

1.     They obeyed the Word of God. (12a)

2.     They followed the Man of God. (12b)

3.     They revived their Worship of God. (12c)

B.    Notice what the Lord did (13-14)

1.     The Lord was with them (13)

2.     The Lord stirred ALL of them to unity, joy (14).

3.     Illus: Yellowjacket’s nest. When people/wasps get stirred up, you can tell it.

        I don’t know where you’ve been, but God has been stirring here at CR!

        If you haven’t felt it, you need to start listening to God speak.

4.     What stirs you? (Sports, politics, school, jobs). These won’t matter in 5 years!

        God wants more than spectators, than pew warmers, more than churchgoers.


Consider your ways this morning. If you are lost, you are building a house on sinking sand. You need to build on the solid rock.

Christian – what are you building for God with your life? Wood, hay & stubble? Or gold, silver, precious gems?

Church – are we neglecting God’s work? Developed an attitude that says, “Not today?”

Are we going to let the Spirit of God stir us?


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