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30(Amos 06,01-07)Easy Street Baptist Church

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I.       Warning to those at Ease (6:1-2)

A.     Beware when worship is comfortable.

§  Those who dwelt at Zion thought that was all they needed.

§  More so those who “never miss” church.

§  It is “easy” to assume that since you walked in the right door you are right with God.

§  They trusted in Mount Samaria. And so do those who place their trust in the church; its heritage, its fore-fathers, its name.

§  It is easier to trust in an institution we can see and join than to trust in a God we cannot see but must follow.

B.     Look around at other great cities of the day. (2)

§  Calneh and Hamath were larger, fortified strongholds.

§  Yet they fell – were no match for God’s judgment.

§  Look around – what is the oldest church you can think of? 150-200 years?

§  Why? God judges churches too: congregations come and go.

C.     Are you at ease in church?

§  Honest evaluation: Is coming to church all you did for God last week?

§  Is it all you plan to do this week?

§  “I witnessed to my neighbor by coming to church!”

§  Really- if we call right now and ask, will they know where you are.

§  Better yet- do you know where they are, right now?

§  (Maybe they left after you did; or before you did)

§  Point: how at ease to think removing our car from the driveway is God’s answer to service/witnessing. We don’t live in Russia – going to church is common in Arkansas.

II.    Warning to those who put off God’s Call (6:3-7)

A.     Israel had received God’s word over and over.

§  They put off the importance of the message – by ignoring its approaching judgment.

§  It was not to interfere with their acquired lifestyle of ease.

§  Try to upset the apple cart – expect a violent response. (3b)

B.     God’s Word does not persuade the Easy Street Baptist Church Either.

§  Cordial response, but no change to the lifestyle inside or outside of church.

§  Have you built for yourselves beds of ivory rules, walls that conveniently keep you from having to do any more than show up and sit down?

§  Nothing sinful about ivory, beef or lamb or music.

§  The sin was the idleness (stretch out on couches; idly sing “chant”).

§  The sin was not being grieved over sin!

III. Every great revival starts with prayer for the city to be claimed for Christ.

A.     Paul’s example for his friends and family should be our cry as well (Romans 9:1-5)

§  Not just for those ignorant of God, but those who have wasted their heritage.

§  Our cry is for the lost, and for the house of Jacob; fellow Christians/churches

§  My cry is for the churches who house the truth of God, but keep it like Ft Knox.

B.     Our heart’s desire should be for the salvation of our country men (Romans 10:1).

C.     Our heart’s prayer should be for the restoration of evangelism in our churches (Romans 10:2).

§  We have confused zeal for the gospel with zeal for mere social reform.

§  The cure: restored righteousness: though submission to a holy God.

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