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24(Jer 20,07-09)When You Want to Quit

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When you want to quit, but know you can’t:

1.   The Conviction to serve is stronger than the complaint not to serve. (7a)

A.    Very few volunteer for God’s service; almost always we are drafted into the significant services we are called to. We may volunteer to do a task, role; but often the life-changing ministries begin by being thrown into it. (Counseling a friend, saving your marriage, surrendering to a ministry, etc.)

B.    We become persuaded that the cause is just. Maybe its through a verse read, a sermon heard, or a comment made by a friend: the Holy Spirit convicts us to action.

C.    We find ourselves where we never thought we would be: get ready – God is about to use you!

2.   Even when the job seems too hard, we don’t quit. (7b-9a)

A.    God uses unlikely warriors to do what warriors do: fight!

B.    Sometimes your call is to tell the truth: that judgment is coming, repentance is required.

C.    That is why you want to quit – no one listens.  You’re in select company!

D.    Seldom are we called to carry the oversized check and balloons to someone.

3.   The burning desire to serve is stronger than the burden of the job. (9)

A.    Why don’t you quit?

B.    There is a burning inside you to do what is right, and say what is needed.

C.    You were too weak to say no (7); you are too weak to keep it inside.

God has a burning ember for service inside every believer.

If you don’t feel it, maybe you have been too long away from the flame.

“Our God is a consuming fire.” – get closer to Him, spend some time with Him.

The burning desire to serve God as a child of the King must remain stronger than the strain of the job itself if we are to continue. The strain gets heavier as we focus on circumstance and the acceptance and opinion of people. The burning gets hotter when we focus on God’s call, provision, and confidence in you as a child. He would never ask you to do a job that was too great to accomplish when we work in his power. He chose Jeremiah to preach the truth. However, God does not require us to be capable. He requires us to be available.

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