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19(Psalm 127)Dad the Warrior

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I.    We must seek God as the builder of our homes (127:1)

A.    Every home has a builder, one who can see the building through from start to finish.

1.     God must be the builder of our homes.

2.     Not with hammer and nail, but His materials are-

a.     Love

b.     Faithfulness

c.     Character

d.     Leadership.

B.    If dad wants to lead his family properly he must first seek the Lord Jesus in his life.

II.  We must see God as the provider of our family’s needs (127:2)

A.    When Jesus is the nucleus of the home, what will it have? Just what it needs.

B.    What does your home need? What does your family need?

1.     Not a new TV, or a swimming pool.

2.     It needs what money cannot buy: security, peace.

C.    When Jesus is the provider, you have peace, even in the midst of storms.

1.     Vain- here the idea of useless.

2.     It is useless for you to work all hours of the day and night – and use the excuse that you are providing a good living for your family.

3.     You may be – but God says he provides your needs.  (Read Matthew 6:25-34 )

D.    J. Paul Getty- A few decades ago he was a multi-billionaire, one of the richest men on earth in providing income for his family. He was also married and divorced five times. He said his relationships with his children were “painful”, and that part of the problem was he was always gone on business trips.

        Dads, your kids don’t need a dad who’s a billionaire. They need a dad whose priceless: who loves and devotes time and energy to his family.

E.    When a dad walks with Jesus, that walk gives a man liberty, sets him free.

1.     Dad, if you’re not in bondage, your family is less likely to be.

2.     Then your family can be prosperous in the things that matter.

Matthew 12:29 …how can one enter a strong man's house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his house.

3.     When your in bondage to the world, the great thief Satan can plunder your home.

4.     In Christ, your chains are broken, your free to defend your home by spending time, teaching them by example, and leading your children.

III. We must sense that children are a blessing from God (127:3)

A.    We spent time on this on Mother’s Day, but it is worth repeating:

1.     Children are gifts that God has assigned to us.

2.     Never denigrate the sovereignty of almighty God by saying any of your children was an accident!

3.     Your child is a reward to you, a treasure sent to you, yes you. Treasure them.

IV. We must send them out as arrows to a target (127:4-5)

A.    This is the heart of the message:

B.    The archer must be strong.

1.     It is not easy to be a good man.

2.     But to be a good husband, and father, is even harder.

3.     You need strength – spiritual strength – to handle the job of archer/father.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

4.     If you are to withstand the spiritual assaults, you’ll need the inner strength that only comes through Christ.

5.     I know I need His strength because it’s most important to me to stand and not fall as a husband/father.

6.     I know its important for me to be a competent pastor to you, but I’ve got another higher assignment, and that is to be a good dad.

7.     You can get another pastor, but my wife has only one husband and my kids have only got one dad.

8.     Sometimes I forget that, don’t I?

9.     I need Christ’s inner strength, to indwell me and energize me for my big job as a dad. And sir, so do you, don’t you?

C.    The arrows must be straight.

1.     Children are born with a tendency to sin, so while they are young and pliable you shape and mold them to be straight arrows.

2.     Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

3.     How do we shape them into straight arrows?

        a.     Begin early to teach them what they will need to know about God and life.

        b.     Be creative: look for different opportunities to teach them important values:

                Deut 6:6-7

c.     Work to build character. We help our children in academics, athletics, and the arts. Fine.

        Also teach them integrity, wise decision making, & praise them in those areas.

d.     Learn to set limits. They will push on those walls, but if they give way the child is left feeling insecure.

e.     Cover them in prayer. Pray, and pray and pray. No matter how dark it is, keep praying.

D.    The aim must be sure.

1.     Every mom/dad comes to a time when that arrow must be released.

2.     That straight arrow leaves to find its target.

3.     Keep praying for them.

4.     Stay alert to offer counsel when needed.

5.     Satan wants to destroy your children.

6.     Give direction and projection to those arrows, and with the winds of grace send them out into adulthood.

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