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19(Psalm 044,01-04) Losing Your Song

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§  My prayer is if you don’t have a song in your heart that God will give you a new song.

I.       The Psalmist learned the patience of faith. (40:1)

A.     Only reason you would wait patiently for someone is because you knew they were going to show up.

§  If I invited an acquaintance out to lunch and I waited at the restaurant 20 minutes or so for them to show up, I would think they are not coming and either start eating or leave.

§  If I invited my wife to lunch and if she is 20 minutes late I would still wait. Why? Because I know that she is coming. I am confident of her trustworthiness and I know she will be there. I have found her trustworthy.

B.     When I invite Christ to handle my problem I can wait patiently because I know that He is coming.

§  I have found Him trustworthy.

§  If you invited Christ to handle your martial problem, hold on He’s coming.

§  If you invited Christ to handle your finances, hold on He is coming.

§  The Psalmist is in the mud and mire of life (he is getting dirty) but he is going to hold on because God is coming. He is trustworthy.

II.    He learned the deliverance of faith. (2)

A.     There are situations in my life that if God does not rescue me there is no way out.

§  What he says in verse 2 is this: as low as I have gotten I will sink deeper if I try to move around because there is no firm bottom.

§  He is saying I have to stay still and wait for God to rescue me. No way can I do it on my own.

§  And if you move around you may make the situation worse.

B.     When God rescues you – you will know that He has been there.

§  The Psalmist was in sinking mud and God put Him on a rock.

§  He had no firm place to stand and now he did.

§  There was no question in the Psalmist mind that God had been there.

§  In your life when God’s works on your behalf there will be no question that He has been there.

III. He learned the meaning of faith. (40:4)

A.     He looked all around him at his situation and in spite of it he still believed God.

§  That is what faith really is: in spite of my circumstances I still believe God.

§  Today, TV preachers will tell us if there is something bad happening to you then you must have a faith problem. That is a lie of the devil. They want you to deny your problem ever existed.

B.     The Bible is full of statements where the person looks realistic at their situation and in spite of it they trust in God.

§  We want to deny the situations but instead God is saying to us today look above the situation to Me. The situation is there but I am there too.

§  God is saying you may have martial problems- don’t deny them but trust in Me.

§  You have financial problems don’t deny them but trust in Me.

§  You may have sickness don’t deny the problem but trust in Me.

IV. The Psalmist learned the song of faith. (40:3a)

A.     I can only sing if my relationship to God is alive and well and not stale.

§  I can only sing if things are well. If work is overburdening, I will lose my song.

§  If my relationships are stale, I will lose my song.

§  But when relationships are fresh and alive I can sing.

§  The Psalmist is saying his relationship with God is fresh and alive.


Some of you today have no song in your heart. Your relationship with God is old and stale. You need to come to the altar and get that relationship right.

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