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19(Psalm 051) Cleansing from Sin

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I.       Appeal to be cleansed. (51:1-6)

A.     Our only avenue for cleansing is the mercy of God. 1

§  He has unwavering love for His people.

§  He never runs out of mercy for my life.

B.     Our only legitimate request is to have the sin completely removed. 2

§  God honors the desire to be completely cleansed.

§  All forgiveness carries the understanding of a change of direction.

§  To be “cleansed” means the sin is no longer a part of you.

II.    Steps of Restoration (51:3-12)

A.     Agree with God about your sin. 3-6

§  Sins are specific. 3

§  Sins are against God alone. 4

§  Sins are a part of your old nature. 5

§  Sins are not to be a part of your new nature. 6

B.     See Christ as Your High Priest. 7-9

§  Hyssop was a plant used by a priest to sprinkle a leper, ceremonially cleansing him.

§  David asks God to be his priest and declare him clean of sin.

§  The result of an encounter with God in formal forgiveness is joy. 8

§  Renewal begins with the Lord, who alone can blot out sin, its stain, and any reminder of it. 9

§  God honors when a sinner comes and recommits to the local church.

§  There is a Holy Spirit mystery that accompanies rededication.

C.     Commit to discipleship. 10-11

§  Spiritual renewal always leads to godliness and wisdom.

§  The Holy Spirit guides a rededicated believer to godliness through His word.

§  True conviction never stops at recognition of sin, but at building a right spirit, stronger spirit.

§  There is in the heart of renewal

III. Signs of Restoration (51:12-15)

A.     Desire for revival. 12

B.     Willingness to share and teach. 13

C.     Willingness to sing to Him. 14

D.     Willingness to testify about Him. 15

IV. Conclusion: Cleansing changes you. (51:16-21)

A.     Cleansing is a matter of the heart. 16-17

B.     Cleansing is a matter of priorities. 18-21

§  When a heart is cleansed, participating in worship is never a question.

§  When a heart is cleansed, priority of worship keeps you in church.

§  I noticed long ago that everything is scheduled on the weekends.

§  Why not schedule games and get-togethers on Tuesdays? (The priority of work…)

§  David did not hide his repentance, he desired to worship openly.

§  David was sensitive to the discovery of sin in his life and did not delay or hide.

§  We need a radical turn away from our expectations to God’s expectations.

§  Decide if you are satisfied where you are or if you want your saucer full.

§  “I’m drinking from my saucer ‘cause my cup has overflowed.” Do you want overflowing joy?

§  Joy increases the closer you get to God.

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