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19(Psalm 009,01-02)Four Determinations for Worship

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I.    I am to Give Thanks in My Worship of God!

A.    Thankfulness to God is a Choice of the Will

1.     It is essential to worship that a Christian comes to the Lord with Thankfulness

a.     We can choose to live this day thankful in light of God’s mercy towards us, or we can choose to live ungrateful and bitter lives.

b.     Ungrateful individuals are incomplete in their ability to worship God.

2.     At times need holy determination to bless the Lord in the face of the Enemy

a.     Psalm 9 is praise and thanksgiving to God for giving David victory over his enemies and the enemies of his country. .

b.     Is there someone causing you great conflict’ Unreasonable, profane, nit-picking, gets under your skin? Praise God in the midst for what doing in your life.

B.    The Psalmist Calls for Whole-hearted Thankfulness.

1.     Whole-hearted thankfulness is to encompass the total man/woman

a.     All the powers of his mind, heart and soul are focused in worship.

b.     If we are going to praise God acceptably we are to praise Him not only with our lips but also with our hearts and our whole beings.

2.     Whole-hearted thankfulness is understood in light of the Person of God.

The great single need of the moment is that church attenders be struck down with a vision of God high and lifted up, with His train filling the temple, for the holy art of worship seems to have passed away like the Shekinah glory of the tabernacle.’

II. I am to Tell of God’s Wonders!

A.    Worship is to be Participatory.

1.     We are to enjoy every opportunity to worship

a.     Going to worship is not to be like watching TV. (No commitment to a local fellowship, no discipline, appeals to the most common and base level of selfish and self-centered spirituality which leads to fat and sassy, lazy believers unwilling and unable to impact world for Christ.)

b.     Do you and I tell of God’s wonders when He answers prayers in marvelous ways? (Lk. 19:40 ‘ Don’t stifle praise or very rocks will cry out!)

B.    It is Natural to tell of God’s wonders when He has blessed you.

1.     It is natural for us to rejoice and tell others when we have received something good from the Lord. Luke 15 - 3 parables about something lost that is later found: Lost sheep (1 of 100), lost coin (1 of 10), lost son (1 of 2). In each case the individual rejoices when that which was lost is found. Invite friends and neighbors to ‘rejoice’ with them. (v.6, 9, 23).

2.     How do I practically do this? Share Biblical truth with others. Share personal testimony of how Christ has worked in your life.

III. I am to be Glad and Rejoice in Thee!

A.    The Christian is to Exalt in the Lord as a part of Divine Worship

2.     Are you exulting in the Lord?

a.     It is a mark of spiritual barrenness in the church when Christians come to worship to fulfill a duty rather than to satisfy an appetite.

b.     Or have you grown barren and dry’ Does worship, does fellowship in the body of Christ seem dull and boring’ Would you rather be somewhere else doing something else’

IV. I will sing Praise to Thy Name!

A.    Choosing to Sing Praise to the Lord is a Determination of the Will.

1.     Let me ask you, what did King David say he would do’ ‘Sing Praise to Thy Name!’ Not mumble, not boycott, not look around, sing!

2.     David loved to sing, most agree David wrote ½ of the Psalms, they were songs he would play on the harp.

3.     Singing characterizes Christian people. Singing often an expression of worship, praise, joy. Who else has more to rejoice the heart than the Christian?

B.    An Attitude of Praise and Adoration is an Affront to the Enemy.

1.     Praise and Worship brings forth a divine release from that which oppresses.

a.     I Sam.16:14 ‘Now the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and an evil spirit from the Lord terrorized him.’ Whenever this evil spirit’s influence would come upon king, go into fits, don’t know if fear, or depression, etc. Regardless one of the members of the court tells the king he needs good, melodious, music. Enters a young shepherd boy who was skilled on the harp (David). Whenever Saul troubled, David would play hard and evil spirits leave.

b.     If you or loved one is struggling with depression, fears, anxieties, you might want to attempt to find out what type of music he/she listening to. I am not about to propose is a cure all, but certainly if there are demonically/spiritually inspired problems, dark music will only cause individual to do more poorly. Play encouraging, and uplifting Christian music.

2.     Praising God in Song brings joy and happiness while lifting our burdens.

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