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Philadelphia, Rom 12:10

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title of Trey sermon is so he's giving Philadelphia. Philadelphia, let me sorry.

Romans chapter 12 verse 10 Romans chapter 12 verse 10

Okay, let's pray father. We thank you for this wonderful time Lord. We thank you Lord for speaking to us Lord. The scriptures that has been there for us for many years and today Lord let the scripture bring life into a heart. So let's walk away in our lives and we bless you in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Okay, Philadelphia.

Big I can't we just be kind to one another. So the name is Philadelphia Philadelphia. You must have heard about Philadelphia. It's also short form is called Philly Philly in the US. It's famous a town in the US and this town has a rich history in the u.s. Is one of the pictures of the Streets of Philadelphia. The the best part of the city is that this was a place where the Constitution was written the independence Constitution. This is a place where a very important place in the US and this was the capital of New York and Washington to Colbert. And they moved the capital from Philadelphia to Washington early for Father's got together sat together and wrote down the Constitution where they have the freedom equality 1 hour that is Philadelphia. But this place was actually in in 1787 that is when the Constitution at this place was an admiral who gave this the King Charles was gave this land to an admiral when the UK made it the rest of the time and he established this place and establish the name call Philadelphia. I want a place where Brothers dwell together in harmony one and all so he chooses Greek word which actually means brotherly love that's what it means. It means brotherly love family members. So that is what is Philadelphia. Philadelphia Eagles are known for the Liberty Bell. This is the symbol of the American independence. If you've gone that you would have seen this bell jingle bell tower designed the bell and that it out the constant the the Declaration which they have made the forefathers made together. This Bell was originally made in UK and shipped all the way to you essay about time. You got a big crack on it ring the bells now they don't use it. It's all present. But this is where the independence also great Monument place in Philadelphia is known for that. The writing on this belt says Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land and have it instead of Proclaim Liberty throughout all and to all inhabitants thereof. It second chapter 25 verse 10. That's what is inscribed on this Bell. They don't use it. But before they used to take the spell to different places to declare freedom to declare any great function disorder. That is known for the Liberty Bell Philadelphia known for a nice iconic symbol, which is the love symbol in the place. If you see this you will see a great love. I know you see this kind of copies of the snowy place. I love Kuwait. I loved random you see this many places, but I just built in Philadelphia by Robert Indiana in 1976. What does it mean by Philadelphia? What kind of love is this the scripture Seas between brotherly love

It says be affectionate to one another with Brotherly Love in honor giving preference to one. Another is a spectacle is Brotherly Love practical.

Okay, that was once a little boy who told to the pastor Pastor was sharing a message on love the God loves everybody. So the little boy came to the Past after the show God loves everybody in the Boston said Yes, dear. God knows my sister.

But you don't we don't have good memories of a child of days with brothers and sisters. I'm alright, how many have sibling fights?

Yeah, some siblings siblings rivalry fights between brother and sisters. In fact as you grow older sometimes fight for land fight for property and I'll look into it. So what is a global awareness benefit people talking about and how good is it? Do you know that one of the do you know the sharks in the sea? Do you know what the sharks have already eaten the siblings? In the stomach of a shock may be there at 10 or embryos for tile and a growing but the fight between them is so so so real that before they're hatched probably only 2 or 3 comes out past. The rest of it is not by this little ones that is sibling rivalry probably in the Sharks and that's why they're buddies activity. Talk about you. Sibling conflicts of very very alive and very very fresh in all the mothers mines how many mothers in the house? Piazza Blake Lively, okay, if you have one kid, I'm sorry. We have two kids. You know that we have a sibling rivalry is something which mother's face everyday right? One mother said every time I have two of my kids in one room and then the other mother.

It's all right. I mean fight we try to keep the fighting among each other in the time to get things. So I have this I got this you got this I should get it and then fighting and grabbing a mother's try to make peace between them right? Come on, please put them in the room.

Tricks and tactics of disciplining them and teaching them but this is my classroom of a child. This is why we should be the primary classroom of a child, but you are the teacher and honoring one. Another is the lesson this is something parents should learn to teach me Arabic Sports in the empress. If you don't have it splits without kids grow up be managed.

Which of the formed object you always say? Okay, the one who gives get something better get something new so. The one I was more mature gives and that person gets a newer object have something new to give the other person and you keep up to the promise. We get them some things to honor that decision to Sibling Rivalry they have so what is what I be talkin about Romans chapter 12 verse 10 be kindly affectionate to one another with Brotherly Love in honor giving what is kindly affectionate. What does it mean hear? It means? Basically the mutual love of parents and children and wives and husbands loving affection. Loving tenderly chiefly of the reciprocal tenderness of parents and children. That's what it means to the relationship between parents and children is what we talked about. And what does Philadelphia mean Brotherly Love Christian. So I kind of love you should have a kind of love which is like between parents and children between brother and sisters in a family kind of love by you care for the other person. That's how many if you reach home your mom comes and says, did you eat? What do you have for food? Write a concern that kind. How are you doing today? How was your day today? I kind of concern for one another that's what it's talked about. That is Philadelphia brotherly kind of love. So

Roman Church initially had a small problem in the early church, if you look at the history of the church.

Initially started in the synagogues in the Jewish community in to the church. So they're juice primarily the main people in the church at that time was a juice and slowly the Gentiles are getting added into the church at that time. I want to see Empress that all the juice should leave Rome what happened in the Christian church, all the juice left left room. So who was the dominant person now the Gentiles became dominant became the Gentiles who became the dominant Christians in Rome after the decree was removed from the temporal left. The juice came back again came back again. You will see a conflict happened about time you can imagine

All it has juice primally became Gentiles primally not coming back. And then this came back and say all you can do it like this. You can't like this you have to do this conflicts are happening here. What do witches ball is writing to them at this time saying love one another you should love each other. They love each other very well, but they couldn't love the Gentiles PC lot of issues in the literature that thing

Love one another love juice and Jen. How do we get to doing this?

No, let's see. Let's dig a little deeper into what scripture talks about brotherly love another with brotherly love and then say it.

And I wanna giving preference one to another.

I want you to be with this one word or know, this is a great word, but I was reading the scriptures this bus fell heavily on my heart or kindly affectionate brotherly love then it says how to do it. So everybody know day-to-day lights Rihanna people write a lot of people don't know how many if you want on your teachers.

Do you put your teeth on Cesar, How was your day?

Or Betsy Betsy. How are you? How was your man? Yeah, that's what you do last week episode. Join us a joke about when his son with the states in India Ana the teachers. We are no parents. We don't call your parents by name. Do you know his name have to call him His Highness Excellency the Emir of Kuwait all-conference equate that the owner of them by the names. When you go to the when you go to the hospital? How do you unlock the doctors? And the nurses you called them by a prefix.

Fortunately be Engineers also got a perfect that's different.

The site where I go now the College of status of the professors coming all the professors the cordless doctors at 11. They have a doctorate degree or not. They call us. Dr. Sadah croissants a doctor so answer so I get to sparkles on the basement along with the doctors or the professors. I become a doctor no respecter of Honor respect. That's what you do to me like that by calling things by calling them a prefix of a name.

A lot of us do that. Okay. So what is the value of a cave in scripture? You see that Jesus was given 30 Jesus life for betrayal was given what 30 pieces of silver? That's what that's about you of Life at that time. If you kill somebody that is equal to the cost of a life. So this is how people talk about in the Bible and you that you a person gives to us a dishonourable Arizona and value. It's related to each other. Don't know which belongs to somebody by Presa Frank and state of office with your holes example, if I about to come to your house, you would give me a some kind of treatment but supposed to resemble the Ambassador comes to your house. How would the treatment be? You would definitely give him a much more available treatment right being the ambassador of a country devalue you give based on a person's station based on the person's. Look how does it mean to honor somebody look at the different types of translations of Arnold Commons 12, 10 keyboard different translation. It says about yourself to one another in order to be eager to show respect for one another. outdo one another in showing honor ensuring order to one another Take the Lead at The Message Bible says practice playing second fiddle. If you've been in there, if you know that it's an orchestra bird people in the orcas travel notice second fiddle means you have a wildness to place the melody the main violinist plays amenity. I'll call the second fiddle who play who backup the main while I have a lead guitarist who plays the lead medley the practicing playing the second fiddle Message Bible.

Giving way for another person. When you approach a door when two of your project or what do you do? giveaway for another person what is essential to do that give away for the other person the other person that's where the scripture say is when another that's what it's looking deeper. You know many verses in the Bible about honor right and one of the key verses in the Bible. Y'all know what is it? One of them are not worried that the parents teach you all the time. What is it? Honor your father and your mother that's a days may be long the language letters from Exodus 20 verse 12. Okay do an efficiency of a 6 volts do I need information that you saw giving preference to them letting them first? Dad likes and desires first that is only a father and mother that support one another. That's what Paul talks about yet another 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 17 on and looking all people.

car service

keep that in mind or not all people love Brotherhood of the king. All of the king at that time we go Caesar or Ceasar Hornet. Okay, so then goes on to say in 1st Peter chapter 3 verse 7

What husbands? Look how you already feel. Okay. I know it's like voice dwell with them with understanding giving honor to the wife. Are you? Okay. I'm right husband. Dwell with them. It's velvety wife left with them. Stay with them. Okay, then it's a is giving or understanding. I know sometimes guys. I know I'm with you on this guy's you can understand men all the time women all the time, right? When does Den stand let them understand them on a liking spree preference to them and all of them and set Okay, I can see some life now. Okay, as being as a weaker vessel because of your stature wise physically weaker than the men normally. Okay, and then it stays as being joined his being has together of the grace of life that your prayers may not be hindered should not be hindered honor your wife. That means when you pray together when you pray together, that's when you become in one mind and one Accord when you order them. Going to give preference to them or your wife.

Let's look at another scripture for Honor Exodus chapter 28 verse to Exodus 28 verse to look at what God says about honor of sacred garments. I find it official dress set of Artful special resources for honor and for beauty the priest for high priest that you should make an Especial best for high. Priest for it says for what why is the special dress for honor and Beauty the owner of the high priest that have to wear special dress. That's why most of the mainline churches all the priests. They still have a room. There should be a special kind of Rome and then they take the community service additional glamour special layers. You have priests, okay?

Honoring and if you go to Genesis chapter 20 verse 60 Mitzi the life of Abraham when Abraham was traveling and he had to give his wife his wife Sarah to the king. Okay, let me know that there was a curse upon the land. None of the ladies could bear and then the king found out that he realize that this thought. I was actually Abraham's wife more than a sister. So the king said, please leave this place. So the King was a good King and he didn't want to defy. He wanted to order a look at this verse 16. It says this is what the king said to Sarah and Sarah. He said behold I have given this brother of yours sarcastically does the brother of yours and piece of silver for what it is to have you and to vindicate your owner before all who are with you before all men you're cleared and compensated. Thomas King gave the money to Abraham your brother sarcastically your brother call brother giving to him it is for you because I honor you

because I want to reinstate the shame I cost upon you. Because he realized it's a mistake. And he wanted to compensate her and compensated owner and the King said I'm giving a thousand pieces film and Abraham has rich guy how he became Rich doing since like this the first time the Egyptian to reinstate our position the king gave money. That's what she did compensation look at 1st Kings chapter 3 verses 9 chapter 3

Behold I have done as you asked this is no this is pray to God and ask me what you want and Solomon said give me the wisdom. To judge the people and then he said and this is what God Said Yes, after U equals U Edition not be any among things more time with you as I have given you honor and fame right? I was giving you what you have not bought riches and honor this was 13 so that they shall not be anyone like you among the Kings. Emigrate are you the one in Boston has been interesting. Seems like this the speech please the Lord. That's all of those things was living then God said to him because you have a listing. I have not and have not asked long life for yourself not have ostriches for yourself not have a Justice then it goes on the bus 12 days. I have given this I have given more than what you asked me to do. Let me to do God bless you not lie. He blesses you. Honors you

God honors you he said I'll honor you with riches and honor. You didn't ask for it, but I'm going to bless you with riches and honor that is how God blesses when you take care of God when you look at God's concern God's heart when you ask what what exactly what God looks for. You are blessed. God bless you with riches and honor.

Look to God look bad. God likes look. Okay, then. Oops frogs next buses Proverbs chapter 3 verse 9 say capital and sufficiency. That is the first fruits and fruits. What are you doing? honoring God when you bring your tithes and offerings to church when you give like for birthdays people come forward and give an offering. We're actually honoring God by the money, which God has given us time. Do you want to go to the money your blessing God honor the Lord with a capital and sufficiency with the first fruit of the land. Look at what's 31 + 31 says he who oppresses the poor looks down upon. Okay, he insults the maker, which is God then But he who is kind and merciful to the needy on a person who is kind to the poor? Honors God Scripture says, I'm not making it up if you're kind to the poor it on Asgard. So when you see a poor person if you bless the poor person actually you are not God because that poor person has also made in the image of God. That's why your honor guard

You got it or not. Such a heavy word it such a very important word in the scriptures, very important honoring one another example examples listen to Genesis chapter 13. Genesis Chapter 13 Verse 8 onwards Genesis 13 verse 8 onwards herdsmen and your husband is not the whole land before you please separate for me a left then I will go to the right to the left. The set of Amore and if traveling all into Cannon and if came to this place finally they came to the promised land and they had a fight here at the house were Abraham and lot for the household of lot and Abraham and how to fight. Let's stick to different places. You'll go here I go here. But Abraham didn't say I'm taking this land you take that land could have done that, right? Cuz Abraham Abraham It's because of Abraham that locking it's because of Abraham the lockpicking bridge.

A look at this position becomes a lot and says you decide that you want to go you decide which part you want to get to go to the left. I'll go to right if you cannot tell goes out. That's why I say send it. Look at next bus. What's 9 and saw all the plain of Jordan?

A lovely lifted his eyes and saw all the plain of Jordan that it is. Well watered everywhere like the garden of the Lord like the land of Egypt as you go towards the east

Abram Dental in the land of Canaan and not just in the cities of the plain and pitched his tent even as far as or exceedingly Wicked and sinful against the Lord scripture another story about the slot Lord take this plane land which is very last sugar is green. And Abraham is left to the plane, which is not so green. How do you know the story how it goes off how lot that I finally gets mingle with the people of Southern and later on you see the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and how are saved Lots life from those people the best looking area, but Abraham was left to the other but I want I want to look at Abraham's position. he honored. He said. You choose the first you choose what does honoring one another that's what Abraham Lord of off to this happen. Opens his eyes of Abraham and Sarah's walk across the land to the north to the South East the best everybody step. Yo. This land will be yours and blessing you. That's what I say is look at that video order somebody let me tell you God honors you

You don't look for an are you don't grab are enough that's hard for you to be Christians good brother-in-law the Philadelphia means to another person just as I get preference to Lord when you get a chance to somebody else. Let me tell you. God bless you. I find somebody I find somebody who won. Donna Hayward, are you let's see another scripture. Esther

Esther chapter 3 right chapter 6 chapter 6 that night looking could not sleep. So when was commanded to bring the book of the records of The Chronicles and they said before the king headboard of McDonald's Parrish two of the Kings and Ducks lay hands on commercials.

Then the king said what honor or dignity has been bestowed on Mordecai versus and the King's servants who attended. He said nothing has been done for him. So the king said who's in the code on The Gallows that he had prepared for him looking servants Ascension and the King said let him come in. Yeah, so, you know the story no Mordecai Save the King Esther chapter 1 you see that one until you see that brought against the king mortdecai planes of the plot. Elsewhere Esther and Esther tells the king and the plot is correct. And those people are put behind bars. But more think I did the right thing, but he never got on at 4. You're supposed to buy at the steinmann a man is trying to get against Mordecai to kill the Jews. This is the time when the king could not sleep in the night and the King said waiting for me the Chronicles and the King started reading the chronicle. Somebody came to the chronicles of Mordecai say mortdecai. Did this for the king the king said stop Sub Sub sub? How did the owner Mordecai and the person who was reading those conical said we didn't order him. I want to order Mordecai the one who saved my life today.

So he said who's in the court now and who's in the court. How much is Nicole and I want to honor the person how many thinking what the king is going to put the roads on him give the signal for the house and the Chariot and the King said what the hell are you said do the sun to Mordecai and a big bubble burst. And how bad was so sad? How much have to take Mordecai put them on the king's Shadow and take him to the streets and I'm honored how the king ordered a man who saved his life. If you are under somebody you'll get cheated or if you are somebody baby go ahead of you. The scripture is very clear of examples that when you do the right thing God honors you.

Honor one another that's what it says. Romance Romans 13:7 Romans 13:7 Apostle. Paul's is rented to all men that do speak taxes to the who stocks a deodorant Revenue to whom revenue is due respect to home respected you on our old man. That's what it says. Okay. I want to read one more scripture and then we close with that tone with me to Philippines Chapter 2 Philippines Chapter 2 verses Philippians chapter 2 verses 3 through 11 important scriptures and I want to listen to it very carefully. This is what Paul gets to the Philippine Church do nothing for factional motives contentiousness stripe selfishness or for unworthy hands. Okay, let each of you look not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus and what is in Christ Jesus being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation taking the form of a bond servant and coming in the likeness of man and being found in appearance as a man. He humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death even to the death of crossy how Jesus humbled himself and giving him the name above every name of the name of Jesus every knee Chabot of docent Heaven of those on Earth that goes under the Earth that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the father in The Great Hall CC because Jesus went to the point of death God lifted a month and order them and at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and declare he is looking what is the arm of the father gave Jesus that is the owner of the power in the name of Jesus guys are such a beautiful thing. It's such a powerful statement me to take the message deep into your heart. Let me be an honor to somebody.

Right now, I'm sure the holy spirit is telling you about somebody. He must be thinking. How can I order this person? This person has cheated me so much. Supposed to have done so much wrong to me. But let me tell you. Can lift Mordecai from the streets some of the gates and lift him up on the horse through all the streets. They let me tell you nothing is going to harm you if we flew scriptures Hammond was so upset. He came home and his wife and his cousins were there and how much is what happened? I had to take motorcycle through the streets tomorrow is going to be killed and hung but I had to take I was defending so much. You know what his wife said and his wife set to Hammond, he said this man is of Jewish origin you cannot win. Read the scriptures. This man is a Jewish or you cannot win if you go against him you would like when it's written in the Bible read Esther chapter 6 to see that no harm will come against you. Nothing can come against you if you are, not God, if you are not on bless his name nothing can come against you he is going to lift you up. Is Natalie when you order somebody God is honored and God honors you that's what the scripture says that if you want another preference another person than you if you had a chance, but you said no I'm not going to take the chance. Let this person take it. I'm telling you God is going to order you a chubby stand.

Can you tell your neighbor and say you first?

Somebody else you must you go first.

That is all. Really give another person a x that is or no? What's Peter chapter 5 verse 5 Series? submit to God versus the devil to the elders Yes, all of you be submissive one to another and be with you melody for God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Let Me Close Our Eyes

I know we have neighbors what not so good.

But if the chance comes to enter an elevator and there's no space. Can you give to this neighbor of yours whom you don't like her friends?

Maybe it's a colleague. Maybe it's a boss. I know a lot of us have good bosses, but a lot of us don't have good bosses. But can you give order to them? Can you bless them?

What about be the Situation's? I'm sure the holy spirit will speak to you today. If somebody that you need to order today the limit then don't lose this chance make it a chance to honor them with love with whatever you can order them the holy spirit will guide you. or know one another

Bismarck Mall says to another person. And that is Philadelphia. What is Philadelphia the brotherly kind of love that you give preference and a space for another person? Thank you. Holy Spirit for speaking to us as we depart from here. If you show us somebody Lord that we need to own a better. It support us person better. It's a journey to the North Face is the boss. Neighbors or somebody in the car with somebody in the supermarket, but it's split if you if you promptus. Help us not to be a foreigner to that person. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your word. Thank you for showing us about Philadelphia Lord the brotherly kind of love and God bless you as we depart be with us out of the Shadow restlessness in Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Assisted the benediction middle of the Father the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.



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