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10(2Sam 06) Three Attitudes of Worship

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David is 30. He killed Goliath some 15 years earlier. God had told him he would be king. His future was bright. He was a man after God’s own heart.

But his future became one traumatic event after another. He was speared at. His best friend had died in battle. There were times when his life was in danger. He never knew a moment’s peace.

His life became one of increased responsibility for others, seeking food, planning how and where to live.

He struggled with those who would steer him astray.


I.             Careless Worship – the Uzzah Attitude (2 Sam 6:1-11).

6:1,2       great interest in returning the ark. Many were part of the procession. BACKGROUND: taken by philistines, to their discomfort. Returned to house of Abinidab at kerjath-jearim.

6;3          Curious that Israel chose to use a cart/wagon to convey the ark to Jerusalem. This had been the means used by the pagans. But God’s ways are not always the expedient ways of the world. The way the world handles religion is not how we are to handle.

6:4,5       As they proceeded, they played music and were no doubt exuberant.

6:6,7       Uzzah (who had lived with the ark) was too familiar with this holy thing. God’s judgment shows clearly that in our worship, we must not get too familiar with holiness, to take it casually. The danger is in seeing the ark as a mere artifact, and not respect the God it represents. So too, our viewing worship and church as mere artifact of our social lives, and not see the God for which it represents.

6:8-11    They had forgotten to go to God’s word. Worship and excitement are important, but must be done in the order of God’s word. Problem at Corinth. (1 Cor).

II.            Correct Worship – the David Attitude (2 Sam 6:12-19).

6:12        the beginning of proper worship.

6:13        We cannot come into the presence of a holy God and address that God without understanding that it involves sacrifice.

Blood flowed, life was given, sin was confessed in the presence of the Holiness of God, for David knew that they were unworthy to be in that presence.

6:14        Correct worship is undignified. Linen ephod was equivilent of street clothes. Too many dress to be worshiped, or at least to worship to acceptance of another. We should come to worship God, and everything focus on our humility to Him.

III.          Critical Worship – the Michal Attitude (2 Sam 6:16,20-23).

6:16        Despise those who express themselves in worship.

6:20        Being a critical observer, instead of a participant.

6:21        What David did, he did before God. And not for the acceptance of anyone else.

6:22        these whom Michal feared reproach, would actually better respect David for not putting on airs, and would honor him for it.

Never be ashamed to be humble before the Lord.

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