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09(1Sam 24) How to Get Revenge

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Psalm 57

1 Samuel 24

How do you respond when people make you mad? Are you justified in seeking revenge?

We have all been cave dwellers at one time in our adult life. The enemy is stronger than us and we retreat as far as possible to hide. Sometimes we hide at the lake or on a vacation trip. Sometimes it is in the cave of our living room where the walls are lit by the glow of the TV. Or it may be behind a bottle or in the theatre.

The believer finds a hiding place, too. It is in the shadow of God Himself. Like a chick protected by the mother hen, God covers us with His wings. David felt that security; he sought that security. He did not find solace in a cave, no matter how dark or deep. Like a child who runs to hide behind a parent’s legs, so David sought His heavenly Father.

And like a child who cries for the parent to come and rescue, David aims his prayer as a cry to Abba, Father. He knows that God will avenge him, and He trusts that God will take care of the fear. This changes your attitude about your difficulties, and it changes your attitude toward your enemy. No longer is it important to seek revenge, for God, the righteous judge, will avenge on your behalf.

Too often our response is short-sided and does not reflect the will of God for us or our enemy. We seek revenge not to glorify God but to uplift ourselves. We would achieve a victory, but a short-sided victory. Vengeance that man seeks only lowers the avenger to the level of the wicked. When Christ taught us to turn the cheek He knew that God was still Soverign. We think that we will lose if we do that: God knows better. David knew better too. Thus (57:5) he sought not his own exaltation but that of God’s.

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