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Quagmire of Lies OR Rock of TRUTH?

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An atom is constructed according to the hard and fast laws of physics. If those laws were groundless speculations and lies, the atom could not exist. Even Stephen Hawking acknowledged the precise laws that allow the existence of life. Conjectures, theories, assumptions, or guesses do not hold the universe together. By the same logic, Jesus says our lives will stand only if they are founded on the solid ROCK of His teachings, His TRUTH. The lesson comes from His parable of the Two Builders. We are all building a house of life, and what are we building on? No word of man will stand. There is only one sure source, and that is the unerring Word of God. Listen in as we investigate what is SAND (quagmire of LIES) and what is ROCK (Jesus' TRUTH), and how we can secure our building, because the storms WILL come.

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