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09(1Sam 01,02-02)God Answers Hannah 2

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If you want to know how to be a godly person in the midst of disappointment, we perhaps have no better example than Hannah. That’s the best way to introduce you to Hannah. Her prayer and praise lets you know she was a special lady who knew her God. (1 Samuel 1:1-2)

1:6 miserable kjv-fret; (ra-am); to thunder with the voice.

1:8 Elkanah points out something to be thankful for. Why make everyone as miserable?

1:9 She resolved no longer to linger at the feed trough of pity, but to go to the altar of grace.

§  She had a problem. The other woman was able to give children.

§  When she had a problem, did she lash out at others? No, she went to the Lord with her problem.

A.     She was a person with passion (for God) (1:10).

§  She loses herself in the Lord.

§  Not concerned with being the actor.

§  But consumed by the corporate moment.

B.     She was a person of purpose (11).

§  She is not bargaining with God, she has nothing to bargain with.

§  Unlike today when someone says, “I’ll start coming, giving if you will fix this problem.”

C.     She was a person of prayer (12).

§  She wasn’t just doing her duty in prayer.

§  Her lips were moving: she was impassioned, in conversation with her God.

§  Why did she pray? Because she knew Elkanah wasn’t the source of her children, God was.

§  Do we misdirect our prayers? We too often pray for independence.

§  We need to surrender to dependence on Him.

D.     She was a person of praise (chapter 2).

§  What was the result? God answered her prayer. She gave birth to Samuel: heard of God.

§  What was the response? In chapter 2, she is filled with praise.

§  Do we praise God when we hear that someone has had a prayer answered?

§  Do we praise God when we have had a prayer answered?

§  1:1 She praises with her heart, voice and strength, all that she has.

§  “horn” – strength. David spoke of “God is the horn of my salvation.”

§  1:2 God is holy, he is unique. There is no God like our God.

§  Her name means “grace”, and grace is now written across the banner of her life.

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