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06(Joshua 07,01-26) Sin in the Camp

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I.       The Defeat of Israel (Joshua 7:1-5)

§  Only 36 died. But this is the only recorded defeat in all of Joshua

§  The bigger defeat: the hearts of Israel melted.

§  Our hearts are so fragile. One moment lifted in victory, the next shattered in defeat.

II.    The Despair of Joshua (Joshua 7:6-9)

§  Should have stayed where it was easier – should have left the church alone.

§  How do I respond to fear? The word will get out and we will be ashamed before our enemies.

III. The Decree of God (Joshua 7:10-15)

§  Get up!

§  You are defeated because there is sin in the camp.

§  God does not ignore sin!

§  The sin must be dealt with – it must not be tolerated, allowed to coexist.

§  It will spread like cancer – and no one will be unaffected.

IV.  The Disclosure of Sin (Joshua 7:16-20)

A.     Sin of the Gold (Joshua 7:21)

§  Gold was not to be left, per se.

§  It was to be salvaged and given to the treasury (Joshua 6:18-19).

§  Achan did not rob Jericho; he robbed God. He experienced the spoils of blessing and kept it all.

§  Achan did not confess willingly; only when he was caught. He had chances up to the end.

§  Psalm 32:1-7.

B.     Sins of the Camp (Acts 5:1-11)

§  Annanias and Sapphira had been blessed by God.

§  They had promised it all – they hid some for themselves.

§  Result: they died.

§  God blesses financially – do you keep it for yourself?

§  God blesses with retirement – do you keep the time for yourself?

C.     Sin of the Garment (Joshua 7:21)

§  Garment represents all that was to be destroyed – the accursed things.

§  Hiding the garment was an action of selfishness.

§  His action resulted in the death of 36 men; eventually destruction of his family.

§  This prohibition was clear – and yet his desire was greater.

D.     Sins of the Camp

§  Corinth – tolerance for immorality, greed. Result: some were sick, some were dead (1 Cor 11:17-22; 29-30)

§  Thyatira – tolerance for immorality. Result: some would get sick, some would die. (Rev. 2:18-25)

V.     The Destruction of Sin (Joshua 7:21-26)

A.     That sin was destroyed with fire.

§  Hebrews 12:25-29

§  Galatians 5:19-20

B.     Search our own tents.

§  Find where we have hidden things from God.

§  Consider the prayers we have made and the answers God has given.

§  Look at our current circumstances – is there sin behind the defeats we are experiencing?

C.     Confess these hidden things.

§  To God: 1 John 1:9 – confess= to say the same thing; to agree with God about that thing as sin.

§  To Others: Achan was brought before Joshua and all Israel because they were affected by sin.

§  There are no secret sins!

§  Sins do affect other people!

D.     Repent

§  Change direction. Not just feel bad about it.

§  Commitment to quit the sin.

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