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04(Num 16) Standing Firm on Shaky Ground

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We find the children of Israel somewhere at sometime during the wilderness wandering. A generation had rejected God’s direction at Kadesh-Barnea, and now is lead by Moses to circle the wilderness for 40 years.

Imagine the difficulty of leadership – leading people who have been judged by God. Trying to make an existence and a life for those who rejected the promises of God.

Read Numbers 16:1-11.

I.    The Assault on the Anointed (16:1-7).

A.    You think too much of yourself. (3)

1.     Everybody in Israel is holy; who do you think you are?

2.     I am just as holy as you are.

B.    A few of the people are disgruntled, dissatisfied with Moses’ leadership.

1.     Sadly, they don’t see their condition as a result of their lack of faith.

2.     We look outward for someone to blame, when we should look inward.

C.    Moses’ response: let God show us.

1.     Dress up on your best preacher outfit.

2.     We will all look the same; see if God can pick the holy one out.

D.    “I think you take too much upon yourself, Korah.” (7)

1.     Korah was actually guilty of the very thing he despised in Moses.

2.     He represents those who accuse you of not doing enough, when they do little.

E.    Example of the right attitude: 1 Samuel 26:9, David and Abashai.

1.     One spear thrust away from his God-given throne.

2.     I will let God take care of the situation, in His timing. (1 Sam. 26:10-11).

3.     Is God capable of removing the ill suited from their positions?

II.  The Arrogance of the Appointed (16:8-11).

A.    “Is it a small thing?” (9)

1.     Given charge of the items of the tabernacle.

2.     Highly respected position, they “stood before the congregation.”

B.    God appoints us to different jobs at different times.

1.     Are we too good for our position?

2.     Is your function at church beneath you? Are your talents being wasted?

C.    We need to serve where God as put us.

1.     Do well with what God has given, and more will be given.

2.     Don’t be busy about what everyone else is doing.

3.     Don’t be worried about their success.

D.    Your attack is not against me; it is against God. (11)

III. The Absence of the Disappointed (16:12-27).

A.    “Come meet with us.” (12)

1.     We’re mad, and we are not coming back.

2.     You know where we live. Their action will dictate their judgment.

B.    These are the people who found their excuse to stay home from church.

1.     Got mad 20 years ago & 7 preachers ago, not coming back.

2.     “You may fool everyone else, but you aren’t fooling me.” (14)

3.     “Put out the eyes…” – put blinders on the people.

C.    Moses stands firm with his conviction. (16-17)

1.     Come out and don’t forget your censer.

2.     Some see preachers/teachers on Sundays and think that is all there is to it.

D.    There stand those men WITH THEIR FAMILIES. (27)

1.     Do you realize that when you make that defiant stand, that your family is standing there with you?

2.     A soured Christian’s attitude will affect his family, for generations.

3.     When you decide to stay in your tent – they’re affected too.

God has appointed a special area of service for each of us.

When we are not satisfied, God reserves the right to un-appoint us as well.

Step back and see what great privilege you have been given.

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