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02(Exodus 14) When There is Nowhere to Turn

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You might tonight find yourself in a predicament. Perhaps because of unwise decisions, or perhaps circumstances beyond your control. Maybe an adult child who is not walking with the Lord. Afraid to say anything; might make things worse. A catch-22. A predicament.

Your in good company. That is the story of Exodus 14.

1.   Following God to a dead-end.

A.    Getting their Attention.

1.     The Israelites knew Egypt. They smelled of Egypt. God had to get their attention. So He brought them to the Red Sea. To a predicament in their lives.

2.     God was doing the leading, too. (Exodus 13:18).

3.     God was going before them. (13:21-22). Wouldn’t that be great. Wonder what God’s will is? Just look at the cloud. If its moving, go. If it’s still, stay.

B.    Why did God lead them to a dead-end?

1.     Exodus 14:1-4. God spoke to Moses. Tells them to backtrack to Baal-zephon.

2.     But this was a dead-end.

North- formidable Egyptian fortresses.

South- vast desert called Mizraim.

West – Goshen and Raamses. East- Red Sea (Gulf of Suez). Trapped.

C.    Who trapped whom?

1.     This is the trap Pharaoh would fall into.

2.     All their lives the Hebrews had been fighting their own battles.

3.     Now, God tells them to wait and let Him do the fighting.

D.    They became very frightened. (14:10).

1.     The people cry out to God as one.

2.     When we’re afraid, we first cry out to God, and if no quick answer, look for someone to blame.

3.     Naturally, they picked the preacher. (11).

2.   Facing Fear on the end of the rope. (14:13-14)

A.    Human response to fear.

1.     We are afraid.

2.     We run.

3.     We fight.

4.     We tell everybody.

B.    Moses’ (God’s) response to fear. (13-14)

1.     Don’t be afraid.

2.     Stand still.

3.     Watch God fight for you.

4.     Keep silent.

3.   Watching God gain the victory. (15-25).

A.    First, he told Moses to go forward.

B.    He moved the cloud from above them to behind them.

C.    He opened a path where there was none. (21)

D.    He brought confusion to the enemy. (24-25)

4.   Following God today.

A.    It takes being trapped in a corner to break lifetime habits.

1.     Maybe like the Israelites, you know more about Egypt than about God. You think like them, listen to its music, read Egyptian newspapers.

2.     To learn from God, we have to be painted by Him into a corner with no escape. Then we learn.

B.    When there is no where to go, look up.

1.     Israel only called upon the Lord when they were hemmed in.

2.     It is hard to get folks to God who have no current problems.

3.     God removes your ways of escape, your trusted routes out. Your strengths.

4.     Sometimes you are under such pressure in life that you come to the end of your wits.

C.    If the Lord is to get the glory, he must do the fighting.

1.     I’m not talking about times when you are to be involved in your battles. But when you are between rock and hard place, he wants you to lay down your arms, and wait.

When I panic, I run.

When I run, I lose.

When I lose, God waits.

When I wait, He fights.

When He fights, He wins.

And when he wins, I learn.

D.    Red Seas open and close only at His command.

1.     One of greatest detriments to a life of faith is the clock.

2.     Raymond Edmon, “Disciplines of Life”- the delay that instructs and prepares us saves time, never loses it.”


        Coming to the Red Sea is just as much a part of his plan as crossing it.

        The tears flow, time passes. But in those tears and during the passing of that time, God becomes very significant in our life.

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