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02(Exodus 11-12) The Midnight Cries

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1.   Certainty of Revealed Truth. (Exodus 11:1-8)

A.    Key Ingredient – Obedience.

1.     (12 men of Genesis, 1 of Exodus) Do you feel you could never be used of God as these were? What has he called you to do?

2.     In God’s timing, the time had come. Now Pharaoh would drive them out. (1)

3.     Over and over, God’s plans were first revealed, then executed.

B.    Ex-shepherd now greatly praised by everyone.

1.     God always had the power to make his servant impressive; the time was right. (3)

2.     Proverbs 16:7 When a man's ways please the LORD, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.

3.     This may be the very word you need from the Lord. You may be facing situation that challenges your integrity. Handle it wisely, tactfully. God will see to it that in the eyes of those who are now your enemy, you will one day be esteemed.

C.    Moses reveals five facts to Pharaoh.

1.     Something is going to happen at midnight. (4)

2.     All of Egypt’s firstborn will die. (5)

3.     There will be national distress. (6)

4.     Israel will be protected. (7)

5.     There will be an exodus. (8)

D.    Moses turns and leaves in anger. (8b)

1.     He did not apologize for the message, or the strength of its delivery; it was God’s message. The time of patience was past.

2.     Our message of Revelation and judgment is nothing to apologize about, either. The real shame would have been if Moses had not told anyone about it! Then the blood would have been on his hands!

2.   Clarity of the Requirements. (Exodus 12:1-27)

A.    Deliverance (Exodus) = instructions + obedience.

1.     This event was to mark a beginning for Israel (1).

2.     With minute detail, an ordinance of a slain lamb is established. Ordinances portray a picture of a greater truth, and when altered, the truth is lost (3-6).

3.     Blood on the doorposts & lintel (7)

4.     Eaten in haste, prepared to obey and leave immediately. (8-11)

5.     Try to imagine hearing this instructions for the first time.

6.     God’s plan required only one thing – obedience.

B.    Judgment was imminent and thorough. (12, 29).

1.     “When I see the blood, I will pass over you.” (13)

2.     This deliverance would become a great memorial. (14-17)

3.     Be ready always to explain your deliverance. (26-27) Help your children understand the why of your Christian walk and stand.

3.   Cries that Resulted. (Exodus 12:29-51)

A.    Cries of Egypt.

1.     Imagine that midnight cry. While your home was safe, others were not (29-30).

2.     Pharaoh says enough! (31-32).

3.     Egyptians say enough! Help them pack! (33).

4.     Even through this, Pharaoh did not and would not obey. He knew the will of God, but refused it.

5.     We are not puzzled and mystified about God’s will nearly as much as we are stubborn and resistant to it. It isn’t that we don’t know His will; we don’t follow.

B.    Obedience isn’t a Feeling.

1.     There have been days when I didn’t feel like preaching. Days when I didn’t feel like helping a brother or sister in need even when I had the resources to help.

2.     It never really mattered how I felt. My feelings will change from day to day. I must obey.

3.     Israelites may not have felt like smearing blood on the doorposts and certainly did not understand its significance or God’s reasoning.

4.     They obeyed because they believed the Word of the Lord.

C.    Cries of Israel.

1.     Obedience gives birth to faith.

2.     All of a sudden, over two million (ready to go) leave! (34-37).

3.     Unleavened bread because of haste of departure (34, 39).

4.     On exactly the day promised! (40-41,51).

5.     Psalm 105:37-43. 43-“He brought out His people with joy, his chosen ones with gladness.”


Getting into His family was Plan A.  Getting you into His will is Plan B.

A.    If you are in need of deliverance, understand that you too must apply the blood of the lamb to the door of your heart. It is an instruction from God, one that only requires your obedience.

And don’t wait for some special feeling. Obedience is not a feeling. It is an act. It is an act that gives birth to faith.

B.    You may not think you have what it takes to make history for God, but neither did Moses. For a long time he did not succeed, first because he went about it his own way, then later because he went about it God’s way too. But in God’s timing, when the very day came, God blessed Him with history making success.

In every child of God is that same opportunity. It may be missions, or preaching, or leading out in bible studies. Or it may be in becoming a godly mother who is revered or a strong Christian student who stands alone in the tests of integrity.

All that is required is that you obey.

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