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The Art of Praying

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We must show the next generation what prayer looks like. It must be more than just bringing our lists to God, though that is important.

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We need to create a culture of prayer.

But how? That is the question I was asked a couple weeks ago on Wednesday night as we watched a portion of a video and tried to discuss what the future of the church looked like.
To know truth will mean to live out the truth we know. Truth is not just a statement to believe mentally; though this is what our world would say. (The same would possibly been said about the world of Paul and the Colossians).

We must know truth.

This truth Paul says in Colossians is the Gospel, which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We must be grateful.

As you read verses 3-14 you cannot help but sense the joy and genuine gratitude Paul, Timothy and the others experience and express on behalf of the Colossians.

Pray for spiritual understanding.

Calvin remarks about growing in knowledge and spiritual understanding, “Faith rests not on ignorance, but on knowledge. And this is, indeed, knowledge not only of God but of the divine will.”

Pray for God’s will to be known.

Pray for fruit.

Paul links bearing fruit with good works. Our fruit is not just gaining knowledge and knowing more or being filled with information, it is right living. If by coming to church on Sundays, Bible studies throughout the week, prayer meetings and such does not change how you treat others, what you do outside these walls did it really matter?
This is our response to the Gospel. This means though we are saved by grace, it is free, we cannot just sit on grace and “do” nothing. Though I believe wholeheartedly in the doctrine of “eternal security”, commonly known as “once saved always saved”, I do not believe one can be saved and do whatever they want. Nor do I believe a person is saved just because they said a prayer or come to church. The proof is in the fruit.

Pray to be strengthened to endure and be patient.

Knowledge of Christ leads to right action.

Why would we want to pray for these things. Why does it seem like Paul is reminding these new believers of who Christ is and his (Paul’s) prayers? Why do we need to be concerned with truth, gratefulness and bearing fruit, and greater knowledge of Christ?

Christ has rescued us!

This is one reason Paul states.

We have been called and qualified to receive God’s blessings in Christ.

This is the truth of verse 12.

We are in Christ’s Kingdom.

What an amazing thought.

Christ redeems!

Christ forgives!

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