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Freedom in The Spiri1 Self- Eval

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Freedom in The Spirit

Romans 8:1-4

Preached November 24, 2001 at Squamish Baptist Church

Well this was an experience to say the least. This sermon was prepared during a very hectic week (does it get any easier?). I will respond to the two 3’s that were scored on my evaluation by Micah Newman a preaching Elder at SBC.

1)      Transitions and Signposts – I have not presented a transcript this time. This manuscript was prepared after the event and should reflect my effort to use full sentences to mark my signposts and progress. I think after 4 sermons for this class it is finally sinking in. Old habits do die hard! I have attempted to make very blatant transitions in this minor rewrite. The shorter transitions have apparently not made the desired impact and I will now adopt this new style to my sermon prep. I have included notes in my template to ensure I use this useful tool.

2)      Speech, Diction, etc. – This was a very tough problem for me and not a usual one. I had a few trips in speech that are probably not all that unusual… it may have been aggravated by the hectic nature of the visit to the church. The other complaint will be related to the fact I was using a uni-directional microphone fixed to the pulpit for the first time. I have preached strictly behind the pulpit before, but never with a uni-directional microphone (always omni-directional). This unnaturally curbed my wandering style. As well any movement from dead centre behind the microphone wound up severely affecting volume. They promise to have a lapel microphone when I arrive!! (Hurray).

3)      Though not a specific topic I continued my trend of closing with the applications and not weave applications throughout the body of the message. As a matter of diversity I will, in a regular setting, adjust my style to include more application points within the body… it has been a journey.

This course has helped me immensely. I have grown as a pastor and preacher and will take the rich knowledge gained to my regular preaching duties.

Blessing and many thanks Roger… great course…

(I even had to manuscript… well it was bound to happen!)

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