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The Godly Life

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The Bible is a practical book that really relates to life. Proverbs, many feel, is the most practical book within that practical Book. is especially practical. Here are six practical pointers:

I. How to Find the Will of God for Your Life (vv. )

A. “Receive My words” (have a heart open to them)

B. Keep them in your heart

C. Listen for the teaching

D. Determine to do what you learn and God shows you

E. Diligently seek to know the wisdom of God. Then shalt thou know

II. How to Recognize the Things the Lord Does for Us (vv. )

A. He gives wisdom

B. He is the source of knowledge and understanding

C. He rewards the righteous with wisdom

D. He is a defense to those who walk uprightly

E. He keeps the paths for those who want to do right

F. He preserves (protects) the way of His people

III. How to Identify the Benefits of Knowing the Lord (vv. )

A. An understanding of right things

B. “Discretion (ability to distinguish) shall preserve thee”

C. “Understanding will keep thee”

D. “He will deliver from the way of the evil man”

IV. How to Know What the Wicked are Really Like (vv. )

A. They speak froward things

B. They leave the path of uprightness to walk in the way of darkness

C. They delight to do evil

D. They delight in the wickedness of others

E. Their ways are crooked and perverse

F. The evil woman is a “stranger”

V. How to Identify an Immoral Woman (vv. )

A. A “strange woman”

B. One who flatters with her words

C. A forsaker of God

D. One who leads to death

VI. How to Experience the Blessing of Doing Right (vv. )

A. The upright

1. Walk in the way of good men

2. Keep to the path of the righteous

3. Dwell (in safety) in the land

4. The perfect (mature) shall have long life

B. The wicked

1. Shall be cut off from the earth

2. The wicked shall be rooted out of it.

The Christian has so many temptations. Here is a clear picture of right and wrong that will help us make our decisions, if we will only listen and heed through obedience.
Wood, C. R. (1984). Sermon Outlines on the Book of Proverbs (pp. 10–11). Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publications.
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