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Kingdom Generosity

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Investments can make or break you. Have any of you ever lent money to someone, only to never see it again? They may say to you, “Yeah, I’m gonna get that to you, I promise!” But you know that you are never going to see that money again!
We tend to invest in the things we care about. For example, we invest in our homes, our vehicles, our children and their future. I had 7 kids to invest in my future! LOL! What we invest our time, money, and resources in reveals a lot about what matters most.
Both this morning and tonight we will be talking about investments. Tonight will be more about financial wisdom for investing. This morning we are going to talk more about the heart.
Did you know that Jesus talked more about money than He did about heaven or hell? Now, let me ease your mind for a moment. I’m not here this morning to give a sermon begging you to give to the church. But what I do want to talk about is the Heart of Kingdom Generosity.
You will notice the title change to the sermon from what is printed in the bulletin. That is because this next section of Luke’s gospel is about investing in the future kingdom of God and preparing our hearts and lives for its arrival. Now, on the one hand the kingdom of God is here right now in our hearts and churches. But it is also a future reality to be realized.
Jesus is going to come again! He is going to set up a physical kingdom on this earth. I don’t think you can read the prophets without spiritualizing them and come to any other understanding. And what we have now is passing away. It will not be here forever. So we need to be wise and make good investments in the things that are going to last!
Read . Pray.

1. Beware of Covetousness (vv.13-21)

Illustration: Beware the frozen heart

2. Do Not Be Anxious About Your Provisions (vv.22-30)

3. Seek God’s Kingdom First (vv.31-33)

There is nothing wrong with having stuff, but we must seek God’s will and God’s kingdom first. Our kingdom is a temporary kingdom. God’s is eternal.

4. Check Your Heart (vv.34)

Illustration: Where you bank at is important. If you pick the wrong bank, you can pay dearly. They may make unwise investments and loans with your money and soon cannot pay you back. Sometimes we can be like a bad bank. God will not entrust you with more of His kingdom’s resources if you prove to be stingy and you are not using the resources towards His kingdom purposes.
Jesus also teaches us that what we invest in shows our heart. I can come to your house and see what you are interested in by what you invested in. If I see a lot of farm equipment, I know you like to farm. If I see hunting equipment, I know you like to hunt. We will move funds around and find a way to purchase what is dear to our heart.
That is how it is with the Kingdom of God. If we really care about God’s kingdom, we will invest in it. We will support it with our finances. We will serve to grow the Kingdom. We will pray for the Kingdom.
But, with all this talk about the Kingdom of God, what is the Kingdom, exactly? It is the Church! It isn’t a building, though; it is people! It is being the hands and feet of Christ. It is sharing the gospel and helping people. It is investing in what matters most to God.
I was thinking last night about how much money was spent on the game between Notre Dame and UGA. The commentators made a statement about the game in 2017 where so many UGA fans travelled to South Bend and they turned the game into basically a home game. I remember man games that UGA fans travelled to. At one point, one of the commentators made the statement that UGA fans won’t sell their tickets, so Notre Dame couldn’t do the same thing to UGA.
That got me thinking. How much money is spent on traveling to the game, buying the ticket (probably at a premium price), and all the festivities that surround it. Now, I love me some Georgia Football! I changed shirts 3 times yesterday to get us the win! But I’m not spending thousands of dollars to go see a game. You have to be sold out to do that.
But what if we were sold out to God the way we are to the things that matter most to us? What if we actually lived like Hell was real and time was short? What if we gave to the Kingdom to see lives changed? Think about the change in this world it would make!
In order for that to happen, an important question has to be answered. Why? Why should we do this? Well, let me share with you why!
Think about the change in this world it would make!
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