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Two Sons

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The difference between Pharisees and sinners.

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We have been talking about grace. We have been re-discovering grace. I hope you have been experiencing the freedom that the Lord has been giving me.
Parable of the 2 sons-
2 sons- 1 is super concerned about what the father thinks of him. Lip service.
Why? Would someone say yes, but then do no.
Best of both worlds
Doesn’t want to be found out
2nd son- says no, then has a change of heart
What do we notice?
Appears to be the worst of the 2 at first…
Not as concerned about what “people think”
Has an internal drive to do well- notice he doesn’t go back to his father and announce his change of heart.
This parable, like so much os scripture and like only the word of god can do, has double meanings and consequence.
The obvious meaning to the audience (Pharisees) was that the religious leaders of the day were giving god lip service but not following through.
The second son was the untouchable sinners of the day, who when they hear the gospel, change their heart and do the will of the God they had originally rejected.
The second meaning is for us today.
Who did the will of his father?
This is a brilliant question:
He didn’t say “who was the father happier with?“
Or who didn’t upset the father.
No it is who did the will of the father?
Why is this brilliant? It takes the objectivity away.
If you were to be at scene 1 - you would think the first son was the better son. You might go gossip about what a terrible son he is etc.
If you were at the 2nd scene only, you would think the second son must have agreed to the work at first. You would have no idea what you missed.
He who may appear to be the bigger of the sinner in the group, might in fact just be so afraid of God and have such a faith that he dare not “fake” being more righteous than he truly is.
The words Jesus used- Tax collectors and prostitutes are going ahead of you!
the worst of the worst to these men… in public.
Why did they hate tax collectors? Abuse of money and extortion.
What were they doing to the poor at the temple. Charging for services and the tools of worship of God.
They hated prostitutes- who kept the prostitutes in business in a religious city and society? the religious…
These men, claimed to follow God and were loud and obvious about it in the light, then in the darkness… acted the same as those they reviled.
The line vs. the arrows. which way is your heart moving?
The line is religion.
The Arrow is your relationship.
1. You are here because you are like the tax collectors and prostitutes. You are not here because of how awesome you are.
Jesus full of grace and truth.
Grace points you to truth- you sinned and you failed.
Truth points you back to grace- You can’t just try harder.
2. You have to receive salvation not take it.
No way to cash a post dated check. You can’t outwork the forgiveness that Jesus gave or He is giving.
3. You don’t have to hide-
What drove the Pharisees nuts- the sinners would come out and be seen when jesus was in town.
Drove them nuts! You should have your head down! You should be out our righteous sight.
Worse yet, Jesus would eat with them, talk to them and sit with them.
Man’s vision- Rick Joyner
Man homeless, meets Jesus. He is so bitter. So angry. Sees a little cat rubbing on his leg. He wants to kill this cat. He just brushes it off instead.
Man going to church since a child- raised a christian. Faithful. Deacon, he attends every service, gives, shares his faith when he can.
Which one pleases the Father more?
Which son are you today? Are you faking this thing? You may be good enough to fake me out, or other people out, but God? No way!
Or are you the second son? People don’t seem to get it. It takes all of the grace of God just to not lose it. God sees you. He sees your need. He sees your dependence, and that pleases Him. He isn’t intimidated by your sin. he defeated that on the cross. He will lead you into salvation and righteousness
No need to hide if you are a sinner- you are loved here. You are friends here.
The altar is open…
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