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Authority in Word and Deed

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Authority in Word and in Deed (Mark 1:21-28)

Jesus demonstrates a perfect authority both in word and deed. Some speak with authority, but there is no. matching performance. Others act with authority, but their words are their undoing. Our Lord began and continued His ministry with a balance in authority between word and deed.

Christ Demonstrates His Authority in Word

On the day of worship, Christ entered the synagogue. Although the Son of God, He sensed the need for corporate worship and fellowship with the people of God. There He demonstrated His authority.

An authentic encounter with Jesus' authority will leave you astonished (v. 22). The expression means that which strikes one out of his senses with fear, wonder, or joy.

The biblical definition of Jesus' authority is "to compel one to decision." When Jesus is heard, His authority has the capacity to compel decision about His person and claims.

The question about Jesus' authority is not the fact or impact of His authority, but rather its source. The source of His authority was not in His content or style, but in His commitment to the cross. Concerning His own life He claimed: "I have authority to lay it down and I have authority to take it up again" (John 10:18).

Have you had a personal confrontation with the authority of Christ?

Christ Demonstrates His Authority in Deed

Although many contemporaries minimize the power or possibility of the demonic, the characteristic act of Christ in Mark's Gospel is the exorcism of demons. Although much is not clear to us about the demonic, three things are certain.

The demonic senses the ultimate threat to its very existence in the person of Christ (v. 24). Even the approach of Christ rocks the kingdom of evil with fear.

The demonic has supernatural knowledge of the person of Christ. It knows His name, point of origin, and essence (v. 24).

Jesus approaches the demonic with an authority unlike anyone else (v. 27). He deals with evil in brevity, power, and dignity. We may not understand how the demonic operates today. But we certainly know this: the power of evil in our lives is beyond the power of man as a man. You and I need the authority of Christ.

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