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Have you ever heard of people critisizing one another? Do you remember feeling uncomfortable - or did you want to hear more? Critisizism can be a healthy thing if it done to actually help another person. But there is a kind of critisism that stings and bites.

I suppose the master of this was Sir Winston Churchill of England. He and Lady Astor had a constant verbal jab going with one another. On one occasion at a party she said, "Mr. Churchill, if I were your wife I think I'd put poison in your tea." Churchill quickly jabbed back, "Lady, if you were my wife I'd drink it."

Bernard Shaw - the great English playwrite and Churchill had this same kind of verbal gymnastics going on all the time. One time Bernard Shaw sent Churchill two ticketsto the opening night of one of his plays in London. We wrote: "Dear Mr. Churchill, here are two tickets for you and a friend - if you have one."

Quickly Churchill sent Shaw the tickets back and wrote: "Dear Mr. Shaw, I cannot go that first night, but send me a ticket for the second night - if there is one."

Do you handle criticism well? So few really do. Words can cut and bite at us. Words can leave us feeling lost and alone.

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