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Great Chapters for Greater Living - take a risk

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Great Chapters for Greater Living: Take a Risk (Matthew 25:14-30)

As generations go, ours is less inclined toward risk than many. It seems to be a time when many play it safe, hedge their bets, and cover their tracks. We do a great deal of looking with very little leaping.

Christ is the great "Caller to Risk." The One who told fishermen to drop their nets and follow Him always calls us toward risk. Christ expects those who claim to follow Him to risk the very stuff of life for His sake.

Risk Participating in What Christ Is Doing Rather Than Observing

The central character of this parable is a typical watcher, spectator, observer, and nonparticipant. He does nothing rather than something. Jesus reserved some of His harshest judgments for this one who was prudent but useless. Failure to risk, warps your perspective on God and your fellow servants. As God moves through our church in unusual ways, what is your level of risk?

Risk Doing Something for Christ Rather Than Doing Nothing

The riskless man of this parable was doing nothing out of the ordinary for his day. What he did would have been considered common, prudent behavior. Jesus never promised that following Him would lead to life lived on the principle "safety first." Where are you moving away from the common, routine, and expected to risk the unusual for Christ?

Risk Accepting Responsibility Rather Than Placing Blame

Eventually, God will reveal to everyone the level of risk they have lived: "After a long time the master of those servants returned" (v. 19). Some try to shift the blame from themselves to God or others for failing to risk in Christ's service. All those who risk belong to the same order of heroes in God's sight. God has already tilted the game of life in favor of those who risk in His service. There is a personal threshold of risk that God wills for you to cross.

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